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Amnesty International Thailand Hosts MAIR Students

By Tyler Suran

On 17 December 2018, Graduate Students from Webster University Thailand’s International Relations program, were hosted by Amnesty International (Thailand). Amnesty international (AI) is the leading human rights organization. As an International non-governmental organization, it strives to advocate for human rights across the globe with the mission statement “…a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards…”. Arranged by Professor Latifa Laghzaoui of Webster University, this meeting with AI was an opportunity to explore the organization’s work both in Thailand and internationally.

AmnestyWebster students were greeted with Thai traditional desserts and Amnesty International’s friendly representative, Ms. Nuchnalin Leerasantana (Nuch), Amnesty International’sActivism and Human Rights Education Coordinator. The meeting which lasted roughly one hour and a half focused on AI’s work with urban refugees in Bangkok.  it also covered AI's human rights activism globally. 

MAIR student Ashfaque Zaman said “the meeting with Amnesty International was very informative. It was particularly insightful because our host, Ms Nuch, provided us with case studies of the projects they are doing both internationally and domestically. We were able to see how innovative they were when they executed a hologram protest in South Korea, which demonstrated their drive to create change in regions where awareness activities are not allowed.” 

Ms. Nuch also discussed in detail the types of teachings the organization does with urban refugees in Bangkok. The students were given the opportunity to see first-hand the materials used in classrooms in Thailand to advocate for the rights of these vulnerable communities as well as break the stigma associated with this population.

AmnestyWebster University students participated in an activity where they learned about three people from three different countries who have been victims of human rights violations. The MAIR students wrote postcards to either the victim themselves or the family of the deceased victim. These postcards were also used as a pledge that the students would continue to work with Amnesty International to promote and advocate for human rights globally.




Webster Global MAIR student Casey Nicole who will be researching refugee and forced migration for her capstone project said, “Meeting with Amnesty motivated me to continue to fight for individuals who are facing grave human rights abuses.“

 Webster University Thailand staff and students would like to offer a sincere thank you to both Amnesty International Thailand and Ms. Nuchnalin Leerasantana for spending the afternoon with us and teaching us about Amnesty International's valuable work in Thailand and across the globe.