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University Game On Tournament Facilitates Détente

The University Game On Tournament, 2018 winter edition, witnessed a thawing of relations between combatants from their respective schools: Chulalongkorn University and Webster University Thailand. Students from opposing campuses interacted with each other warmly and established new heights of cultural engagement within the inviting confines of Roadhouse BBQ, the event site and kind sponsor. While this genuine friendship spread before and after each competitive event, know that when the whistle blew to start the next round of competition, the warmth turned to skin-searing flames, and it was game on!


Game OnTeam Chula claimed an early victory in round one of the round-robin phase of the tournament, which features such social events as Around the World Darts, Zombie Pool, Sandstorm Shuffleboard, and Fraulein Foosball. However, before Team Chula could figure out what a Gorlok was, Team Webster screeched back (as Gorloks do…) to tie things up and then go on to win the majority of the remaining matches.


In the end, the gold medal was won by a trio of Webster heroes: Gabe (semper pie), Mai (oh Mai) and Nikita (the dark assassin), who defeated the surprise silver medallist, Yok and Viki. The bronze medal was won by a Chula team consisting of Kamsai and Mook, who defeated Jobee (Buttercup), Big (Irony), and Plai. 


This sights and sounds (laughter and screams) of this friendly contest between students, which is organized each semester by Webster Thailand's Global Citizenship and Languages Programs, is already in our rear view mirror, but the friendships it spawned are only just beginning.  



Article contributed by Webster Thailand's Global Citizenship & Languages Programs.