Interuniversity Student Debates: Thammasat & WebsterInteruniversity Student Debates: Thammasat & Webster | Webster University Thailand

Interuniversity Student Debates: Thammasat & Webster

Recently, the GCP and Languages Programs hosted Webster Thailand’s first ever interuniversity student debates at the Bangkok campus. As part of their undergraduate public speaking courses, adjunct professors Voranai Vanijaka and Harald Kraus led competing teams of students from Webster University Thailand (WUT) and Thammasat University, respectively.  



Topics for the concurrent debates included motions on animal testing, freedom of speech, sexual health education in public schools, and gay marriage in Thailand. The debates, which were formal affairs under ‘Oxford rules,’ unleashed the participants’ critical thinking and rhetorical skills, and  bore witness to some heated and engaging exchanges from both sides. 


Students from the two universities broke bread afterward in a relaxed setting that allowed for a more social exchange of ideas. This also helped dissipate any lingering debate-induced temperature among participants.   Pan-pizza diplomacy it was.