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Media Writing and Thai Film Guest Lectures at School of Communications

Dr. Katarzyna Ancuta on “Character Design in Scriptwriting” and the Thai film “Mah

By Dr. Alexander Klemm

SOCOn 5 December 2018, Dr. Katarzyna Ancuta, a Cultural Studies professor at Chulalongkorn University, was invited for two separate guest lectures at the School of Communications. In the morning, her talk titled “Character Design in Scriptwriting” was an important component of the undergraduate course MEDC 1050 Introduction to Media Writing. In an engaging 2-hour lecture, Dr. Ancuta gave the students vital insights into narrative theory applied to writing for film and television. She spoke about narrative structures, the dramatic arc, plot points, character development, dialog, and much more. She made the theory come to life with instructional script- to-screen examples, ranging from Hollywood and popular TV series to Thai films and Bollywood. The students thoroughly enjoyed her talk, particularly the analysis of an episode of “Mr. Bean”.

They received excellent suggestions of how to read and interpret various fictional characters and how to be successful in their own attempts at scriptwriting. In its mission to offer Webster students thought-provoking ways to explore Thai arts and culture, the School of Communications organized another “Film Night”. Students enrolled in the course MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications and several others enjoyed watching the popular Thai comedy “Mah Nakon” (Th 2004, tr.: Citizen Dog).

After the film, Dr. Ancuta engaged the students in a discussion. Based on the film’s story and visual design, she helped the
students to unravel some of the complexities of Thai arts and culture. A strong focus was put on the film’s portrayal of social movements, its use of humor, and the differences between the ostensibly idyllic Thai countryside versus the corruptible megacity Bangkok.


The School of Communications thanks Dr. Ancuta for her visit and for sharing her expertise in scriptwriting and Thai cinema with our students.