A Day at the Museum | Webster University Thailand

A Day at the Museum

On December 4th, 2018, students in the Thai language course at the Bangkok campus of Webster University Thailand ventured out to Museum Siam, which is located next to the magnificent Grand Palace. The excursion introduced students to Thai culture and history, which are the roots of its language.

Thai Class

The museum made it easier for students to digest Thailand’s complex culture by dividing the various segments into different themes, each with several interactive displays. During the visit, students actively explored the exhibits and absorbed significant amounts of knowledge about ‘Thainess’, particularly its historical evolution, architecture, values, food, clothing styles, beliefs, and traditions. The cultural artifact students found most interesting was the sample of the old Thai inscription block, which was the origin of Thai language. This opportunity surely gave students some meaningful insight into Thai uniqueness and hopefully increased their eagerness to continue to explore more about the country.