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Webster’s ESL Reading Culture Conquest: A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

The Baddest Bookworms of BKK

By Webster Thailand's Global Citizenship & Languages Programs


Last month, Webster Thailand’s Languages program challenged their students to explore the intimidating stacks of the ESLlargest English bookshop in Bangkok – Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon Mall. Not one to let a challenge go unmet, Aj. Pam Inprom rallied an expedition of students to the task. Not surprisingly, they were warned away from the crevices of ‘beachy bestsellers,’ and pointed toward the literary heavyweights authored by the likes of Fitzgerald and Steinbeck.


Despite initial trepidation, the group soon enthusiastically picked up the gauntlet and carved a path amidst the vast isles of books with Edmund Hillary-like abandon.  Pages were turned, a horizon of ideas were scanned, and investments made.


Despite the day’s dimming light, the excitement continued to be such that Aj. Pam and her fellow Sherpa professors were forced to push students towards the registers; some with arms full of texts as their interests extended far beyond the requirements of the journey.


When asked why so many texts were being taken, one student replied, “It is not the mountain of books we conquered today, but ourselves.”