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Wai Pwint Wabo to Represent Webster Thailand at 2017 Global Student Leadership Summit

Wai Pwint WaboFrom 7-10 June 2017, Webster University Vienna will host Webster’s second biennial Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS). With the first summit occurring in 2015, this is only the second time that outstanding student leaders from across Webster’s six global campuses have had the chance to come together in such a forum. In 2017, exceptional students from St. Louis, Geneva, Vienna, Leiden, Cha Am and Accra were all selected to attend the prestigious gathering. The twenty-six students selected represent a total of sixteen different nationalities – a real melting pot of cultures, experiences and ideas just waiting to be explored and developed.

Webster University Thailand is pleased to announce that the Cha-Am campus based BA Management student Wai Pwint Wabo has been selected to attend the summit on behalf of the University. With more than sixty applications received from around the world, Wai was selected after having passed a series of competitive processes including a written application and face-to-face interview. This is a real testament to her commitment, leadership and drive to prove herself as a leader of tomorrow.

Wai Pwint WaboWai noted, "to be a part of the 2017 Global Student Leadership Summit is a great honor, and I am certain that knowledge and skills gained by attending the Summit will contribute both to my student leadership and future professional roles. This will also be a great chance for me to develop a new relationships with peers from Webster’s global network. I would like to further extend thanks to Webster University for this unique experience."

Webster ViennaJohannes Pollak, Webster University Vienna’s Interim Director notes that the 2017 Summit aims to “further Webster’s commitment to a global, student-centered experience” and to help them create “a significant and lasting contribution to our community”. A further aim of the GSLS is for students to develop relationships with other students from across Webster’s global network to create long-lasting bonds for future change. To assist in this regard, students will undergo training on core leadership competencies including communication, cross-cultural appreciation and social responsibility. Considered by 2015 graduates as a ‘transformational experience’, the 2017 Leadership Summit is expected to develop an increased sense of individual mission and purpose amongst participants.

GSLS 2015 alumni Joy Corthesy described the inaugural summit as a “hands-on crash course in effective leading and teamwork” that was both character building and inspirational. The staff and faculty at Webster Thailand hope that Wai has a similar experience at this year’s summit in Vienna. Other attendees at the course come from a variety of different academic disciplines including political science, economics, film, media, business administration and psychology amongst others. With such a wide array of backgrounds, the 2017 GSLS will undoubtedly give Wai a chance to share her skills and knowledge and create professional and personal networks to last a lifetime.

Julian Schuster, Webster’s Provost, Senior Vice President and COO reaffirms Webster University’s desire to support an international student network, especially in the current global climate. He notes that it is now a time to “be true to our mission and develop a global citizenship mindset among the diverse, worldwide student community” – a characteristic that “makes Webster so unique.”

Webster Thailand would like to thank the GSLS Coordinating Group and GSLS Planning Committee who have worked tirelessly to coordinate and plan the 2017 GSLS. We also wish Wai all the best and are excited for her to share her experiences widely upon her return.

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