Sumendra Singh Wins Best Paper Award | Webster University Thailand

Webster Thailand’s Sumendra Singh Wins Best Paper Award at IC17Thai Conference

Sumendra SinghFrom 16-18 February 2017 delegates from near and far came together at Bangkok’s Ambassador Hotel for the 11th Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Business Management (AP17 Thai Conference) & the International Conference on E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Technology (IC17Thai Conference). Delegates came from as far afield as Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Oman, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, USA, and Vietnam.

With such a wide range of delegates, the AP17 and IC17 conferences provided a platform for economists, academics, researchers and scholars alike to share their unique perspectives on various emerging trends related to business, finance and technology. Webster University Thailand is extremely proud to announce that Webster student Sumendra Singh was successful in winning the Best Paper Award (Business and Marketing track). Written in conjunction with his MBA thesis supervisor Dr. Leslie Klieb, their paper titled ‘Knowledge of Security Protocols and Acceptance of E-commerce’ was extremely well received by organizers, delegates and reviewers alike.

Sumendra’s and Dr. Klieb’s research paper analyzed whether a user’s knowledge of internet security protocols is a factor in their acceptance of e-commerce. Their empirical study confirmed, that for users that perceive to have a higher level of knowledge, their feelings of internet safety is also much higher. This in turn provides a noticeable upturn in their frequency and future intention to engage with e-commerce. The final paper submitted to the conference was a detailed summary of Sumendra’s MBA thesis. 

Upon receiving his award, Sumendra stated “I am so thankful to Webster University for giving me the opportunity to take part in this conference. I have experienced a great journey with Webster University and learned a lot from its global environment.” In addition, Sumendra also highlighted the amazing support and guidance he received from Dr. Klieb when he noted, “without his kind support and guidance this project wouldn't have been a successful one.”

As an institution that places personalized and small group instruction at the heart of its learning, Webster Thailand is thrilled at this award as it’s a shining example of the close academic bonds forged between students and faculty staff. Following the award Dr. Klieb paid reference to the reviewers’ report from the conference that highlighted the “originality of his [Sumendra’s] work, which was fully based on his own ideas.”

Webster Thailand looks forward to the AP and IC conferences returning to Bangkok in 2018 and hope that Webster will be as equally well represented as this year. Congratulations again to Sumendra Singh and Dr. Klieb for your wonderful work.

Sumendra’s and Dr. Klieb’s full paper can be found here