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International Relations Department Gathers Regional Experts

Regional Dynamics in AsiaWebster University Thailand's College of Arts & Sciences, International Relations department hosted an academic conference event on the theme of ‘Regional Dynamics in Asia: Case Studies from South and South East Asia.’ The conference that took place on February 22-23 in Bangkok is the second stage of a wider project through Webster University Thailand’s collaboration with Calcutta University. Webster Thailand signed an MoU with Calcutta University in February 2015. An earlier conference took place in India in February 2016 at the Calcutta University campus.

[Video] Regional Dynamics in Asia: Case Studies from South and South East Asia:


Regional Dynamic in Asia The event brings together scholars from Webster University Thailand, Calcutta University and a contribution from Thammasat University. The topics covered are in many ways ‘non-traditional’. They range across subjects as diverse as historical bilateral relations, functional cooperation, migration, education, anti-narcotics policies and regional security. What unites these disparate topics is an appreciation of one key feature of our modern period: challenges to the traditional order of nation states. The themes explored are diverse but center on the concept of regional politics and regional level responses to challenges posed to governance that demand or at least imply policy decisions that go beyond the level of the nation state.

Regional Dynamics in Asia Keynote speakers included Dr Suriya Chindawongse, Deputy Director General of ASEAN Affairs at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affaris and Ms Nina Raasakka from United Nations Environment. Dr Lindsey Kingston from Webster University’s St Louis campus closed the plenary session with summary remarks on the issue of Human Rights. This is a timely and relevant area of study and the collaboration between Webster and Calcutta brings two important and contiguous regions together in a single research project.

Paper titles:

  • Connectivities between India and Thailand- Historical Links to Contemporary Convergences – Dr Lipi Ghosh, Calcutta University
  • Regional Interdependence in Asia: SAARC and ASEAN functional cooperation in Comparative Perspective – Dr Kenneth Houston & Richa Neog, Webster University Thailand
  • Look East in Indian FP: From Rhetoric to Reality? – Dr Robin Ramcharan, Thammasat University
  • Regional Dimensions to Education: Perspectives of Human Rights Syllabi and Course in India and Thailand – Dr Madhurima Chowdhury, Calcutta University
  • USA, India, and Japan: A Strategic Triangle in the South China Sea? – Dr Roland Lochli, Webster University Thailand
  • Asian immigration to the United States with special emphasis on Indian, Chinese and Filipino immigration – Dr Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti, Calcutta University
  • Assessing India's Drug Control Regime: Searching for Potential Pathways to Facilitate Regional Coordination and Cooperation in Light of Looking and Acting East – Dr Rachael Rudolph & Nhan Tran, Webster University Thailand