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Student Spotlight: Payel Das, MBA

Professors are really supportive at Webster. They are accomplished, knowledgeable and they are very approachable, we can speak to them about any issues regarding our studies and they are always here to help us.

- Payel Das, MBA

Why did you choose to study at Webster University Thailand?

Payel DasAfter finishing my bachelors’ degree I took the decision to continue my studies in abroad. While looking for a University I found Webster, an American accredited University that has two campuses in Thailand. As I am from India, Thailand is nearby my hometown. I chose Webster University Thailand because I can earn an American degree while staying close to home.

What do you enjoy most about studying at the Webster Thailand?

Studying in Webster is totally a different experience for me. Beside studies, students are always encouraged to be a part of the different activities like sports, planned trips which are absolute fun.

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff? How have they supported you during your studies?

Professors are really supportive at Webster. They are accomplished and knowledgeable and they are very approachable, we can speak to them about any issues regarding our studies and they are always here to help us. Best thing is that they incorporate practical coursework as part of the studies so they engage us with lot of presentations and field work which I think is a crucial component in getting job ready.

Learning from experience is an important part of the study experience at Webster Thailand. Did you undertake any practical experience during your degree?

Yes, I totally agree with the statement. I always take part in field trips or company visits which are organised by Webster. It is really helpful for students to enhance their knowledge via field trips. They get to know about the different cultures and not only that, they get the opportunity to meet with known personalities from renowned companies.
Currently I am doing an internship at Webster as well. I never thought they would be so helpful or flexible in regard to work, the staff is helping me in every possible way to myself up and I am really grateful for this opportunity.

What do you hope to do once you have finished your degree?

I am hoping to gather more experience from different working sectors and after certain years would like to see myself working and holding a good position in a renowned company.

Have you used the University’s academic or social support services while studying and tell us what you thought of the service?

Webster  is not just a University for me, but a platform which is preparing me for my future and career.  Every faculty member gives their maximum support to each and every student to achieve their goals. The University's support service also prepare students on how to communicate and present in the business world. Every few months the University organises  the Internship and Career Fair where I had the chance to engage with many leading companies. As part of the internship fair a resume workshop was held which prepared us to have professionally written resumes'.

Tell us about any social activities on or off campus you have become involved in. Did it help make friends? 

I have probably participated in every Webster event. It is a great way to get to know each other and make new friends.

I am also a member of the Rotaract club. Participation in their activities has motivated me to learn how we can help others and it gives so much satisfaction. And during the recently held Rotaract inauguration ceremony and I got to meet members in the club from all over the world.

Tell us which campus you study at and which facilities you use ? Do you have a favourite place on campus?

I am based at Bangkok Academic centre. Anyone at our campus can find me in library section. For me this is the peaceful area for studies and can also use the free wifi and can access to the computers.

Why did you choose Thailand and what was your first impression?

Thailand is near to my home town, so this was my first reason of choosing Thailand and Thailand is economically cheaper than other international countries. Thailand is also known as “Land of Smile” and I yes it’s true! When I arrived to Thailand at first I was very tense but seeing the people smile made me feel comfortable.  People are also very kind and helpful over here. The day I reached Bangkok I was greeted by Webster's Student Ambassador at the airport and. The student also gave me alot of useful information.

What was the biggest cultural or lifestyle change in coming to Thailand and how did you adapt?

I won’t say I have experienced a big cultural gap but it brought a huge change in my lifestyle. I never travelled or stayed anywhere without my family. After coming to Bangkok I have experienced the real life. Now I have to manage everything by myself, which I think is really necessary to become a strong, confident and independent woman.

What aspects of the city appeal to you?

You may have heard that Bangkok is a city that never sleeps and this is true. This city has something to offer for everyone and most importantly if you are a foodie like me you can experience the most delicious food of all kinds. The country also has many beautiful tourist spots and beaches, just traveling here will give you many great memories that will last you a lifetime.

What advice would you give a student considering coming to Thailand and studying at Webster University Thailand?

Not an advice but if you can learn Thai language it would be easier to communicate with the local people. And be assured that studying at Webster University Thailand is a great decision.

Thank you (khap-khun-khaa).

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