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Alumni Spotlight: Kanyapat Vanapitaksa, MA Media Communications

“My Master degree in Media Communications broadened my world from a local to an international focus. I’ve been able to use my knowledge from Webster University Thailand to enhance all areas of my work.”

- Kanyapat Vanapitaksa, Owner and Founder of DEAR HOME studio

Ms Kanyapat Vanapitaks, Webster University Thailand, MA Media Communications Alumni founded her business Dear Home studioGraduating from Webster University Thailand with a Master in Media Communications in 2016, Kanyapat Vanapitaksa is living evidence of the diverse career opportunities available to Webster graduates. Since graduating, Kanyapat has founded her own business called DEAR HOME studio, renting a studio space to individuals and companies for photography and video production. Prior to this, Kanyapat held various marketing roles with Central Restaurant Group and Nestlé Thai before taking up a content partnership role with LINE (Thailand). We recently caught up with Kanyapat to find out more about her time as a student at Webster University Thailand and how it helped to shape her future.

What were some of your fondest memories at Webster University Thailand?

Ms Kanyapat Vanapitaksa with her fellow Webster Thailand, MA Media Communications and Prof. Robert Burnett - at Webster University Thailand's Bangkok Academic CenterWebster Thailand is an amazing university that provided me with an enjoyable study environment. Throughout the one and a half years of my degree, my instructors not only taught from textbooks but rather they taught from their real life experiences as well. This, in addition to the diverse students from across the world, provided a space for me to exchange experiences, knowledge, cultures and ideas.

I can also say that Webster was a great place to mingle with other students and instructors, to develop relationships outside of the classroom. For example, it was common for all of us to celebrate together after a final class. One of my most admired professors Dr. Robert Burnett, even took the time to come and celebrate as a guest at my wedding!

How has your education at Webster prepared you for your career?

I found that the instructors at Webster weren’t there just to impart their knowledge of specific subjects, but rather they were also there to help me apply this knowledge to the real world. This was incredibly eye opening for me and helped me to see things from a completely different perspective.

Also, Webster University Thailand gave me the opportunity to study elective courses in a number of other fields outside the core focus areas of my degree. This was wonderful for me as it meant I could integrate knowledge from other disciplines into my degree. When I started my own business, I was able to apply the knowledge from my media communications courses and my marketing course to the way I ran my business. These skills were extremely valuable and I must pass on a big thank you to Dr. Alexey Rasskazov for all his incredible marketing knowledge and advice.

Can you tell us about your work and in what ways is your degree relevant to the work you are now doing?

Ms Kanyapat Vanapitaksa, Webster University Thailand, MA Media Communications at DEAR HOME studioWhile I was studying at Webster, I was working full-time at LINE (Thailand) as a Content Partnership Manager. My Master in Media Communications was extremely beneficial to me in this role as it helped me to broaden my world from a local to an international focus. It also allowed me to grasp new and emerging trends in communication, an essential skill for this role.

During my last semester at Webster University Thailand, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own photography studio business in Bangkok. I was able to utilize many of the skills I learnt to develop an advertising strategy, engage in public relations and develop business contacts. In addition, I was able to use the knowledge I acquired to develop customer targets, create a brand image, analyze potential competitors and undertake sales promotions. So far my business has been going really well and growing at a faster than expected pace. I have many local and international customers, and as a result of the positive feedback I’ve gotten, I feel that I can expand my business even further. All of this in a little over two months!

Kanyapat Vanapitaksa further commented on how skills learned at Webster Thailand contributed to overcoming business challenges:

Ms Kanyapat Vanapitaksa, Webster University Thailand, MA Media Communications Alumni at Webster Thailand's Bangkok Academic Center at Empire Tower in BangkokStudying at Webster University Thailand has given me a number of very important skills including an ability to present information confidently and accurately. This has been very important for me since starting my business, as I’ve needed to present business plans to potential partners on a number of occasions. During my business pitches I’m often talking to stakeholders from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and this means I have to tailor my presentations accordingly. The presentations that I was tasked to complete during my degree prepared me for this perfectly! With a classroom full of students from across the globe, I have been very well prepared. The presentation skills I learnt at Webster University Thailand have enabled me to successfully win the hearts of numerous business partners, something I am extremely thankful for.

What were the most important lessons you learned during your stay at Webster Thailand?

Perhaps the most important lesson that was reiterated over and over was the need to ‘study deeply’ and ‘know truly’. We were taught to ensure that we had sufficient supporting information before making a decision – a lesson I have incorporated into my daily life. My study at Webster University Thailand has helped me to develop and grow into a more knowledgeable and more confident version of my former self. I believe that all of the traits I have developed during my studies will help me succeed in whatever I choose to do in the future.

With her most recent venture Dear Home Studio just launched, Kanyapat undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of her! We wish her all the best and hope that she continues to use the knowledge and networks gained at Webster University Thailand for many more years to come.

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