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Webster's 2017 Global Leadership Academy

GLA 2017GLA 2017GLA 2017GLA 2017GLA 2017GLA 2017GLA 2017GLA 2017On Monday 12 June 2017, Webster University kicked off the 2017 Global Leadership Academy (GLA) at the Anantara Sathorn. Open to faculty and staff from Webster’s global community, the GLA is a leadership development program that provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional development. Each year, successful GLA fellows are given the opportunity to participate in a series of trainings, workshops and programs, each providing a unique set of skills to help the participants increase their leadership capacity within the university.

Held over five days from 12-16 June, the 2017 Academy consisted of a series of presentations, small group discussions and team exercises. In addition, a number of other leisure activities were also organized including visits to historic sites, cultural experiences and food tastings.

A particular highlight from the five days was the ‘Global Leadership Academy Symposium’ that was held on Monday 12 June. Titled "Sufficiency Economy Philosophy: Its History and Role in Government, Business, and Education", the session was both enlightening and thought provoking for everyone in attendance. Featuring Webster University's President Beth Stroble, the session unpacked the principles set forth by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the late King of Thailand. Primarily focussing on self-sufficiency and contentedness, the aforementioned philosophy underpinned the vast majority His Majesty's public works projects throughout his lifetime. Webster University Thailand's Interim Rector Dr. Keith Welsh also featured as a panellist. During his presentation, Welsh described the ‘Sustainability Economy Philosophy’ as a whole of society response to the perceived excesses of today’s world.

On Tuesday 13 June, participants also had the opportunity to engage in a session facilitated by David Pendleton, Associate Fellow, Said Business School and Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. Titled ‘Leadership and Personality’, the session focussed on Pendleton’s ‘Primary Colors Model of Leadership’, an analysis of how an individual’s personality contributes to leadership effectiveness. The day also provided an opportunity to meet with Julian Schuster, Webster's provost, senior vice president and chief operating officer.

As a university that prides itself on international engagement and collaboration, another interesting session for many attendees was ‘Global Connectivity for Metro, Military, International and Online Graduate Students’. Aimed at highlighting the barriers to international experiences, professors and staff from a number of geographic locations explored current resourcing for such engagement, and possible solutions to various barriers that may exist. 'Multi-Modal Students and One Webster University' session examined the trends in student preferences and views of modalities in higher education and investigate changes in student preferences while 'Unpacking the Realities of Grad School Affordability: Impact on Student Success and Retention' session examined trends in graduate student funding including student loans, employer reimbursement, military benefits, scholarships, and self-payment.

Despite the rigorous schedule throughout the week, participants also had time to explore some of Thailand’s most famous and charming areas. This included a visit to the temples of ‘old Bangkok’, a trip to the beachside town of Hua Hin, and of course tasting some of Thailand’s most delicious food and drinks. 

[Photo Gallery] Global Leadership Academy Symposium - June 12, 2017

[Photo Gallery] Global Leadership Academy Workshops at Webster University Thailand - Bangkok

[Photo Gallery] Global Leadership Academy Workshop at Webster University Thailand - Cha-Am campus

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