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Dr Eskerod Guest Lecture on Project Opportunity Exploitation

Dr Pernille EskerodDr. Pernille Eskerod, originally based at Webster University Vienna presented to Webster Thailand students and faculty her current research on project opportunity exploitation. The presentations took place on February 22nd at Webster's Bangkok Academic Center and on February 28th at the Cha-Am/Hua Hin campus.

Dr. Eskerod’s starting point was the claim that in a world of uncertainty, it is difficult to foresee what opportunities will occur in the future. This holds true for individuals, groups, profit/non-profit organizations, NGOs, and more. To maximize benefits for shareholders as well as for other stakeholders, future managers need to find ways to exploit opportunities nobody had thought of when an initiative, e.g. a project, was initiated.      

Drawing on an in-depth case study of an infrastructure project, i.e. the construction and use of a now 50 years old highway bridge in a small city, Astoria, in the USA, Dr. Eskerod pointed to a number of unexpected opportunity exploitations. The bridge has been used as a logo for a local newspaper; as film set for commercials and movies; as venue for an annual run/walk event; as a vehicle for a research project on solar powered navigation lighting systems; as a driver for numerous celebrations events at its 50 years anniversary; and more. By encouraging and allowing various stakeholders to exploit opportunities generated by the bridge, the local authorities managed to boost tourism, business as well as citizen identity, pride and satisfaction within the area.          

In addition to the research presentation, Dr. Eskerod invited students and faculty to take part in her upcoming research on hospitality management. Dr. Eskerod already conducts research with Hilton Hotels Austria.   Both the presentations and the invitations were very well-received, and the participants pointed to a clear relevance for the topics in a Thailand context.  

Dr. Pernille Eskerod is visiting professor with Webster Thailand during Spring 1 term, 2017.

Bio: http://webster.ac.at/dr-pernille-eskerod