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Webster University and Adobe Announce Partnership

Adobe logo22 August 2016Bangkok, Thailand – Webster University is pleased to announce its most recent joint partnership after teaming up with Adobe, one of the world’s largest computer software companies. As a result of this venture, students, faculty members and staff will now have access to the full suite of Adobe products across all of Webster’s international campuses. This includes such products as Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Sign.

Founded in 1982 by Charles Geschke and John Warnock, Adobe now has approximately 14,000 employees worldwide. It is considered as one of the global leaders in software development for creative design and marketing, with 2015 revenue of US$4.795 billion.

This new venture with will be implemented over the next three years, providing students across Webster’s global network with the latest creative solutions to be utilized for any number of projects across all parts of the university. With the world becoming ever-more connected, and technology evolving at a rapid pace, the partnership with Adobe will “give students the leading edge in becoming smart, ethical, and effective media producers” noted Eric Rothenbuhler, Dean of the School of Communications at Webster University’s home campus in St Louis, USA.

Webster University Thailand Adobe Digital Publishing Summit 2014Both of Thailand’s Webster campuses in Cha Am and Bangkok will have access to this technology in the near future as it is incrementally rolled out across the globe. During this time experts from Adobe will be on hand to provide technical support to students and faculty alike to ensure smooth implementation. This will allow Webster students and staff across Thailand to engage with the full gamut of Adobe products, enabling them to enhance their technological knowledge, studies and skills.

After the Adobe partnership is fully implemented in Thailand, students will have unfettered use of Adobe products not only in classrooms and labs, but also on their personal electronic devices. Such access and inclusion in all elements of their study will provide them with an edge in today’s ever-competitive job market. 

The rollout of Adobe technology throughout Webster University Thailand’s two campuses will also be a major boon for our valued lecturers and professors. This will provide them with the scope and ability to expand their programs and curriculum, especially in creative subjects such as marketing and digital media. It will also reduce the university’s administrative burden and further contribute to Webster’s commitment to increased environmental efficiency through paper usage reduction. 

Finally, the agreement with Adobe provides a strong step forward by Webster University globally towards the attainment of numerous goals and objectives outlined in its ‘Global Impact for the Next Century.’ Adobe’s cutting edge software, once fully implemented, will continue to support the innovative work and visions by staff and students from across the globe.

A core focus of Webster University Thailand is to develop a new generation of global citizens, interconnected and willing to positively contribute to the ever-changing global landscape. The partnership with Adobe will continue to advance this notion and provide all Webster staff and students with the tools needed to achieve this goal.

More information about Adobe and their products can be found here.

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