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Galaxy Radio Interviews Thailand’s Campus Director Keith E. Welsh

Webster University Galaxy RadioDuring a recent visit to Webster University’s home campus in St Louis, Webster University Thailand’s Campus Director Keith E. Welsh was interviewed by Galaxy Radio. Located on the grounds of the university, Webster’s student run radio station is designed as a medium to educate and entertain staff and students alike. The station also seeks to provide an artistic outlet, allowing students to pursue their passions, creativity and decision making, while learning current and effective broadcast strategies. 

Interviewed by Student Media Coordinator Jim Singer, Welsh began by providing some background as to how he initially starting working for Webster University and, more recently, how he ended up working in Thailand. 

Webster University Thailand Campus Director Keith E. WelshWelsh commenced his affiliation with Webster University’s St Louis campus in 1988, immediately after graduating from Indiana University with his Ph.D. in English and American Literature, including minors in Victorian Studies and Art History. His first position was as in the English department which evolved into his current academic appointment as Professor of Religious Studies, the natural result of his life-long interest in religion and cultures. 

During the interview, Dr. Welsh provided an overview of the various roles he has held at Webster University Thailand, from Professor—beginning in 1999--to Ombudsman and now to Campus Director. As Ombudsman from 2014 to 2016, Dr. Welsh was primarily responsible for listening to the concerns of members of the Webster community and connecting them to the relevant faculty members and support staff who could resolve their issues. In addition, he saw his role as one of working “with the community to help it evolve and to grow stronger”. 

Dr. Welsh also highlighted the numerous opportunities that he has had during his career with Webster. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, Dr. Welsh has pursued his interests in religious studies, eastern philosophy, art history and literature. This has allowed him to teach in a number of campuses across the globe, develop a plethora of new courses, and engage with a range of subjects. 

As the current Campus Director at Webster University Thailand, Dr. Welsh highlighted the benefits that prospective students can come to expect from studying in Thailand. Not only is Thailand extremely “laid back”, but the differing cultural and religious underpinnings provide a solid foundation for a better understanding of “who and what you are”. For those students willing to challenge themselves, Welsh argues that studying in Thailand will push you to “become a global citizen”. 

Webster University Thailand offers a number of opportunities for students wishing to expand their horizons and study in a different location. Current degree courses on offer include those in the area of business, international relations, media & communications, and more recently, psychology. As a country that embodies Webster’s mission, “Thailand changed my life” exclaimed Dr. Welsh.

The full interview with Dr. Welsh can be accessed here

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