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Student Spotlight: Giulia Guzzetti

Giulia Guzzetti, Webster University Thailand, MA International RelationsWebster University Thailand Commencement 2016Webster Thailand Commencement, Giulia Guzzetti Webster University Thailand prides itself on being an institution that produces global citizens and one that hosts students from all corners of the world. One such student is Giulia Guzzetti who hails from Italy and has recently graduated with a Master of International Relations.

As with many students, Giulia was initially attracted to Webster University as she not only wanted to study abroad, but also sought to do so in English. Throughout her two-year degree, she shared a classroom with other likeminded students from as far away as Russia, India, China and Bhutan. Such diversity amongst the student cohort assisted Giulia in better understanding cross-cultural differences, whilst simultaneously helping her to strengthen her belief in her own personal capabilities.

Appreciating the interactive learning style implemented at Webster University, Giulia had the opportunity to develop her skills and knowledge across a number of thematic areas. Her favorite class, ‘Humanitarian Issues in International Politics’, was immensely enjoyed due to the space that students were given to participate in discussions and develop their skills in critical analysis.

Over the course of her studies, Giulia transformed from a fresh-faced student into a self-proclaimed “mature, curious and self-confident person”. Through networking and relationship building, both within and outside of the university, Giulia was also able to challenge her way of thinking and develop into a vibrant and forward-thinking individual.

The faculty and staff at Webster University Thailand wishes Giulia well in her next stage of life and hopes that she remains an active member of Webster University’s global alumni network. Read more about Giulia’s experience at Webster University featured on EasyUni, Asia's leading education site here.

Dissertation & Theses

Urban asylum seekers and refugees in Bangkok: A case study on the Somali community by Giulia Guzzetti, M.A., Webster University, 2016, 86 pages;10183360

Abstract: Thailand is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention or its 1967 Protocol. Not only does Thailand not accord any legal status that derives from international law to refugees: under Thai law they are considered illegal immigrants. The aim of the thesis is to consider how and to what extent this factor impacts the livelihood of people who are considered asylum seekers and refugees under international law, by focusing on the situation of the Somali community in Bangkok. Even when they possess a UNHCR certification confirming their refugee status, urban refugees in Thailand are constantly at risk of being arrested and detained in Immigration Detention Centers. They live a difficult life and depend on external assistance. They are constantly at risk of exploitation, subjected to financial stress and unable to access social services for themselves and their children. As a case study, the thesis focuses on the Somali community because it represents one of the largest and most vulnerable urban refugee communities in Bangkok. Many refugees were not aware of how difficult their condition would be in Thailand before arriving in the city. The thesis, through the use of interviews with members of the Somali community in Bangkok, provides an in-depth analysis of the daily problems and challenges faced by Somali urban asylum seekers and refugees.Keywords: Asylum seekers; Refugees; Somali; Bangkok; Human Rights.

Author’s Bio: Giulia Guzzetti has graduated with an MA in International Relations at Webster University, Thailand Campus in June 2016. During her University Program, she worked part time as GMAIR Program Assistant at Webster, assisting students of the Global Program. At Webster, she was the first recipient of the Student Leadership and Service Award and she also obtained the 2015-2016 Academic Award. In 2014, she finished a Bachelor of Arts in International and Diplomatic Sciences at Trieste University, Italy. From May 2015 to February 2016, she volunteered as an intern for Asylum Access Thailand (AAT), in the Community Outreach Team. This INGO provides legal counsel and representation to refugees seeking asylum in refugee status determination proceedings conducted by the UNHCR in Bangkok.


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