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Media Communications Student Creates a Platform of Expression

#PERSONALPRISON Exhibition by Ann Helen SolvangThrough week 15 and 16 of Fall semester numerous art pieces in a form of labeled student’s mugshots have been on display at Webster’s Cha-Am Campus library. The Media Communications student Ann Helen Solvang on what inspired her Senior Overview project #PERSONALPRISON stated, “the exhibition is simply inspired by what we all are guilty of; judging each other, trapping each other in boxes. I wanted to do something people could relate to, create a platform of expression, both for the models and for the audience; who have the opportunity to snap their own mugshots at the exhibitions photo booth.”

#PERSONALPRISON Exhibition by Ann Helen SolvangAs a way of creating buzz and to promote the exhibition on campus Ann custom made spray painted T-shits for models to wear on campus one week prior to the exhibition with an enigmatic message on the front of the shirt saying “Who do you think I am?”, while the back noted “Personal Prison, Library week 15”.

Webster University Thailand media communications student Ann Helen Solving

On her projects goal Ann concluded by saying, “I want the exhibition to leave people with something to think about. It is interactive, not only as a way to make people engage and spend time looking at the photos, it is also a symbolic way of communicating the message.”



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