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Webster Thailand and Yunnan Normal University's CAS Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership

10 Years of PartnershipIn recognition of 10 years of collaboration and partnership between Webster University Thailand (WUT) and Yunnan Normal University (YNU) - College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), WUT’s Campus Director Dr. Keith E. Welsh recently travelled to Yunnan, China. Invited by Chancellor Wongming Wang, during his visit Dr. Welsh met with senior representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences amongst other distinguished university officials. Samrat Ray Chaudhury, Webster Thailand’s Director of Global Enrollment also accompanied Dr. Welsh throughout the visit to China. 

During his stay Dr. Welsh recognized the strong historical relationship between the two institutions and highlighted new avenues for potential innovative and long-term collaboration. Discussions also followed-up on a visit from earlier this year by Yunnan Normal University’s CAS Chancellor Wongming Wang and Director of International Affairs, Mr. Deng Guodong to the Thailand campus. The trip in March 2016 was aimed at fostering strengthened relations and further emphasizing the importance of study abroad programs as an integral component of a well-rounded tertiary education.

Webster University Thailand is constantly on the lookout to see how it can further engage with its university partners in the region. In this respect, Dr. Welsh also discussed how to support YNU towards attaining greater internationalization, including study opportunities at Webster’s Thailand based campuses.

In addition to formal meetings, the Webster Thailand delegation also took the time to meet with some of WUT’s recent alumni – a wonderful opportunity to hear first hand of their experiences studying in Thailand. A further group of 20 former exchange students to Thailand also met with Dr. Welsh and Mr Chaudhury to share their experiences from their semester abroad. The feedback from this forum was brought back to Thailand and will ensure that Webster’s Study Abroad Program continues to grow and improve each year.

As part of the visit, Dr. Welsh was also given a tour of the dedicated WUT Information Center within the YNU campus. This permanent site will act as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for YNU students seeking further information about studying abroad. A WUT alumni and the International Affairs Director, Mr. Nick Daeng, are on hand at all times to supervise the center.

Webster University Thailand and Yunnan Normal University remain committed to close collaboration, sharing of knowledge and student exchanges between the two institutions. WUT also looks forward to welcoming the next batch of Yunnan Normal University students to its campuses in both Bangkok and Cha-am / Hua Hin.


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