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ESL Program true to the spirit of the Global Citizenship Program

ESL classIt's not every day that a single classroom can boast of hosting eleven students from nine countries and three different continents. However, that’s exactly what’s happening right now in ESLG 2000 at Webster University’s Cha-am campus. After only a few short weeks, there’s already a unique chemistry building where students are not only improving their English, but also learning about cultures and methods of education that are very different from their own. 

Webster’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program has been created to improve the English language capability of non-native speakers in a structured yet relaxed and supportive environment. With coursework-based instruction, students of the program have plenty of opportunities to study alongside native English speakers. As well as being able to study in a formal academic setting, students have consistent interaction with faculty staff and professors – allowing them to exponentially increase their language skills through undergraduate university instruction.

ESL classStaying true to the spirit of the Global Citizenship Program, which runs the ESLG courses, all students learn in a classroom where the desks are arranged in a square around the room. It is here that they study and practice together for nine hours a week. When asked about the synergy and energy of his classroom and how he felt this affects the learning atmosphere, Webster Professor Charles Emond stated: "This mix of nationalities creates an amazing atmosphere of friendship, sharing and learning. I sometimes feel that they learn more from each other than from me!"  

When answering the question as to how he felt about teaching so many different cultures at the same time, Charles exclaimed: "It’s what keeps me teaching! Every class I have had at Webster over the years has featured students from several different countries, but this semester is exceptional in the number of nationalities represented. My students this semester are from Russia, Pakistan, France, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Nigeria, India and China – a truly global representation!"

In keeping with Webster’s small class philosophy, ESL classes are always kept to a maximum of twenty students to ensure they remain interactive and lively. With a strong emphasis on active student participation, instructors have ample time to work with and support individual students, indicative of the supportive environment on offer. Classes offered also cater to students with all levels of English proficiency, from beginner to advanced.

Webster University Thailand, and specifically the Cha-am campus, has become known as a melting pot of cultures, nationalities and backgrounds – with each student highlighting their own distinct flavor and character. Whilst Webster Thailand has been hosting students from around the world since 1999, this ESL class must be considered extra special. It has set a record of which all members of the campus can be proud!

The Webster Cha-am campus provides a safe, fun and interesting environment where students from all corners of the globe can come together to share in learning and social interaction. With classes on offer all year round, there are never-ending opportunities to marvel at the wonderful, multicultural interactions amongst the student cohort every teaching day of the year.

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