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Webster Thailand Claims Gold in First ‘University Game On’ Tournament

University Game On TournamentTwenty intrepid university students from Chulalongkorn and Webster Thailand left their ‘base camp’ and braved the storm that broadsided Bangkok at midafternoon last Sunday (Oct. 2) in order to enter Thailand’s very first University Game On (UGO) challenge. The social but competitive tournament of recreational games was graciously hosted by Roadhouse Barbecue restaurant in downtown (Silom) Bangkok, and organized by Webster Thailand’s Global Citizenship Program (GCP).

With Sherpa-like guidance from professors, these student warriors battled in pairs against their counterparts toward the tournament’s summit by navigating such challenges as Around the World Darts, Killer Pool, Sandstorm Shuffleboard, and Fraulein Foosball. Gauntlets where thrown; skirmishes turned epic; victories were sweet, and the defeats total.  In the heat of battle, amidst the ruinous rubble of scoreboard chalk and broken chicken wing bones, respect was won and friendships forged among these bands of brothers and sisters. 

Finally, one Webster partnership - Alex (John) Connor and Tracey Bird - emerged like 1980s action heroes from out of the BBQ smoke and fiery grills to claim the top prize. They planted the Webster flag upon ‘Mount UGO’ and thus immortalized their legacy in gold.

To them we say, well played.

To the vanquished we say, keep your powder dry, for we will meet again, and the fickle gods of fortune may yet smile upon you.  

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Article contributed by Webster Thailand's Global Citizenship Program department.