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Media Communications Student's "Childhood Imaginations" Exhibition Aims to Inspire

Ticamporn Mechille BrzyckiSince December 6, 2016 a number of art pieces can be seen on display at Webster’s Cha-Am Campus. The Media Communications student Ticamporn Mechille Brzycki's Senior Overview project aims to inspire and remind viewers of their childhood. The exhibition is appropriately named "Childhood Imaginations".

On how Mechille came up with the idea for the project, she said 'According to research, creativity has decreased among children in the last several years. Children have become less able to produce unique ideas, so the concept of this exhibition is to inspire and remind them to not forget their childhood imaginations. My intention of this ‘what would you be if you could be anything’ exhibition is to portray the lack of creativity in the present and to encourage students to express their creativities."

Childhood Imaginations Exhibition

In further explaining the concept, Mechille explained that the reason to creating cartoon characters instead of real photos was to match them with "childhood inspiration." And each of the models was asked ‘What inspired you to want to become what you wanted to be when you were young’ and their answers further helped inspire in creating the artworks, in this case, illustrations of their faces in the outfits of their imaginations (career wise). 


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