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Work Permit in The Kingdom of Thailand

Foreign nationals are permitted to work in the Kingdom of Thailand with permission from the Royal Thai Government. This permission is granted in the form of a ‘work-permit’ and stipulates the name of employer, name of employee, position, nature of work, and location of work. Foreign employees are required to ensure that they remain compliant with the conditions of the work permit.

Foreign nationals are not permitted to engage in employment outside of the specific work that they are authorized to carry out. Further information can be obtained from the Ministry of Labour, and the Department of Immigration.

The University will act as sponsor for the Non-immigrant Visa, and will assist with the application for a work-permit. The University will also undertake the process of extending the work permit and visa as required to allow the employee to remain in employment and within Thailand. The University will reimburse visa fees and all charges incurred in relation to work permit and visa extension. Any travel and accommodation charges incurred in order to apply for a visa are the responsibility of the potential employee.

Before you can apply or be issued with a work permit you must first have a non-immigrant Type B visa. This is required to apply for a Thai work permit in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Obtaining a Thai Work Permit

Employees should prepare and provide the following documents:

–       Passport - copies of every page. Each copy must be signed by the employee.

–       Non-Immigrant Visa Type B

–       Departure Card TM.6

–       Education degree (signed copy) *

–       Transcript (signed copy) *

–       Certificates or licenses held by applicant (signed copy) *

–       CV or Resume - describing in detail the applicant's past positions, duties, performance, length and place of employment.

–       Photos – three (3) photos sized 3 x 4 cm (not passport size photos). Each photo should show the applicant’s full face and be taken wearing business attire (no hat, and in some jurisdictions, a suit and tie is required). The photograph must have been taken within six (6) months before the application for the Thai work permit.

–       Medical certificate for the 6 diseases specified in the application form.

Marriage Certificate (if married to a Thai National) – including the original and signed photocopies. Spouse’s Thai ID card, birth certificates of children (if any), and household registration should also be included.