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Graduate Fees

Academic Year 2019-2020

The US Dollar equivalent mentioned in this page is only approximate amounts (Approximate exchange rates: 1 US$ = 32.00 Thai Baht).

Tuition Fees Information   Amount
Tuition Fees per 1 course

1 Course = 3 Credits

45,975 Baht/ $1,437  
MBA (General)

12 Courses/36 Credits

551,700 Baht/ $17,241
MBA (Marketing)

17 Courses/51 Credits

781,575 Baht/$24,425
MBA (HR Management)

16 Courses/48 Credits

735,600 Baht/$22,988
MBA (IT Management)

16 courses/48 credits

735,600 Baht /$22,988
Master of Arts in International Relations

12 courses/36 credits

551,700 Baht/$17,241
Master of Arts in TESL

12 courses/36 credits

551,700 Baht/$17,241
English as a Second Language (ESL)

1 course (no credits earned)

20,000 Baht/$625


Other Fees Information Amount
General Fees

12 courses/36 credits

5,000 Baht/ $157

Course: Strategy and Competition

3,200 Baht
Matriculation Fee

One-time fee

6,000 Baht / $188
Study Abroad Processing Fees*

if applicable

5,000 Baht/$157
Worldwide Study Abroad Fees**

per Term

6,400 Baht/$200
TOEFL on arrival

if applicable

1,200 Baht / $38
Diploma Fee

mandatory upon graduation

2,500 Baht/ $79
Diploma Postage Fee (optional)

Within Thailand

500 Baht/ $16


1,500 Baht/ $47
Student ID card replacement

if applicable each time

500 Baht/$16 each time
Student Health Insurance

Optional per year cost (subject to increase)

15,000 Baht/ $469



  1. All fees must be paid in Thai Baht ฿. The US rates are given for comparison purposes only. Exchange rates subject to change.
  2. Fees other than tuition are non-refundable. For more information on refund of tuition fees, please see: Refund Policy
  3. Fees are subject to annual inflation adjustments.
  4. *Study Abroad Processing Fees are charged to process applications. If a student decides to extend or defer their study abroad to another term or semester, they will be charged again as the application will be considered as a new application. If a student submits a single application for more than 1 term (one application but selecting multiple terms in it), the application will be considered as separate for each of the terms the student has selected, which then will incur separate Study Abroad Processing Fees.
  5. **Worldwide Study Abroad Fees are charged to students from Webster University Thailand going out for a study abroad to any location other than Webster St. Louis. Students going to Webster St. Louis will not be charged by WUT for this and will have to settle this fee directly at Webster St. Louis. The Worldwide Study Abroad Fee includes GeoBlue International health insurance, International Student ID Card, and Terra Dotta usage.
  6. Payments via credit card need to be made at the campus in either of the locations. Only VISA credit cards are accepted. Please contact and schedule an appointment prior to making a visit. Credit card payments incur a 2% bank fee which must be covered by the payer. 
  7. Fees do not include the cost of textbooks. Students should budget between 12,000-20,000 Baht (375-625USD) per year (2 semesters) for textbooks.
  8. Students should budget 7,000-12,000 Baht (219-375USD) per month for living expenses. This is an average estimation and will depend on the individual's student's spending habits.
  9. For international students in Thailand, it is recommended you acquire health insurance. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information.
  10. Students with Conditional Acceptance to the Graduate Program will be charged 40,000 Baht/1250 USD for 2 additional English courses. Prerequisites courses (if any) will be charged 45,975 Baht/ 1437USD per course.
  11. Immigration and Re-entry fee costs are paid by students. Please refer to for more information.
  12. Online Course Fees charged by and must be paid to Webster St. Louis according to the Webster St. Louis rates.