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1. What is an Invoice?
• An "Invoice" is a bill which shows how much you are charged for a Term or Semester you are registered at.
(Remarks: WUT fees are to be paid in Thai Baht. The U.S. Dollar rates present in the invoice are for reference purpose only.)

2. When can I expect my invoice?
• It will be sent to your email address approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the Term / Semester.

3. It is 3 weeks before the semester/term begins and I have not received my invoice yet, what should I do?
• Contact the finance department immediately at

4. I have added and/or dropped a course after I received my invoice, does it affect my invoice?
• Adding/dropping/withdrawal of course(s) may affect your invoice. Every time you successfully add/drop/withdraw a course, you must notify the finance department at and to ensure whether the invoice you have is still up-to-date.

5. I would like to pay for my Invoice / Outstanding Balance, how will I do so?
• You must transfer/deposit the payment to the bank account of WUT. The full details of WUT's bank account is stated on your invoice and on the WUT website at
• Credit Card payments can be done at the campus if you schedule an appointment with the Finance Office ( beforehand. However, you will need to add 2% on top of the amount you will be paying in order to cover the bank fees that you will incur. Additionally, on VISA cards are accepted.

6. I have made a deposit/transfer to the bank account of Webster; do I need to do anything else?
• Yes, you must send a clear scanned copy (or a clear photo) of the whole payment slip along with your full name and student I.D. number to

7. When is the due date of payment for my invoice?
• The due date is the last weekday before a Term / Semester starts. This is also located on the top right part of your invoice.

8. If I pay after the due date, are there any penalties?
• Yes, there are penalties for late payments. Late payment fees for Terms and Semesters differ from each other. They are as follows:

Payments made  9-week Term 16-week Semester
on 3rd Week 1,500 Baht Late Fee 1,500 Baht Late Fee
on 4th Week 3,000 Baht Late Fee 1,500 Baht Late Fee
on 5th Week Students will be dropped 3,000 Baht Late Fee
after 5th Week   Students will be dropped Students will be dropped


9. What is "Thai Financial Hold"?
• The finance department reserves the right to place a hold on your account due to unmet financial requirements. To know further information in such instances, kindly email

10. Are there any penalties if I registered late?
• Yes, there are. The penalty for registration after the registration period has passed but before the semester/term opens amounts to 2,000 baht while registration after the semester/term begins amounts to 5,000 baht.

11. Can I pay my fees by installments?
• We have a payment installment plan that students can sign up for. Contact to apply for it. Below are the terms of the payment installment plan:
- 40% of the invoice is due before the start of the semester (16-week semester).
- 50% of the invoice is due before the start of a term (8-week term).
- The remaining amount will be paid in 2 equal installments. The due dates are as follows:

9-week Term 16-week Semester
Due Date Due Amount Due Date Due Amount
Before the start of the semester 50% of the total invoice Before the start of the semester 40% of the total invoice
Friday Week 3 25% + 1,000 Baht Friday Week 4 30% + 1,000 Baht
Friday Week 6 25% + 1,000 Baht Friday Week 8 30% + 1,000 Baht


- Every installment payment is subject to an additional 1,000 baht payment installment fee excluding the initial payment.
- After every payment, the payment slip/deposit slip must be shown to the Finance Department in Chaam (room 127) or a copy must be sent via email to along with the student's full name and I.D. number.

12. Are there any penalties if I fail to pay within the specified due date(s) of the payment installment plan?
• Yes, there are. The late payment fees amount to an annual rate of 18% of the missed payment.