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Study Abroad for Thailand Students

Expand your world view & enrich your degree - Study Abroad!

Webster University encourages student mobility internationally and makes it easy to all qualified students to study abroad.
You may choose to study one term or more at one of Webster international campuses without interrupting your program of studies.

Minimum requirements

  • For undergraduate students, a minimum of 15 credit hours must successfully be taken at Webster University Thailand prior to the time of international travel.
  • For graduate students, a minimum of 9 credit hours must successfully be taken at Webster University Thailand prior to the time of international travel.
  • Must be in good academic standing (not on academic warning and/or probation).
  • Required GPA:
    • Most undergraduate programs 2.0 GPA
    • St. Louis: 2.5 GPA (undergraduate students)
    • Florence, Tokyo, and Osaka: 2.5 GPA (Both undergraduate and graduate)
    • 3.0 GPA for graduate students
  • Must be in good financial standing (no outstanding balance nor on Thai Financial Hold).
  • Must be in good social standing, complying with Webster's student conduct policy.

Webster World Traveler Award

The purpose of this award is to provide round-trip airfare to degree-seeking students at Webster University wishing to study abroad at another location and return to their home campus to complete their degree. This award is not applicable to students wishing to apply for a permanent site-transfer.

Qualifications for the Webster World Traveler Award

  • Must successfully complete a minimum of one eight-week term (six credits) abroad as a full time student.
  • Must remain enrolled as a full-time student in good standing while abroad in accordance with Webster University policy and local immigration law.
  • Must complete a minimum of 30 additional credit hours at Webster University, which may include credits earned while abroad or completion of the degree program at Webster University.
  • Successfully fulfill the service obligation to be determined in consultation with the Study Abroad Office.
  • If you decide to change the ticket once it has been booked, you are financially responsible for any additional fees and/or re-booking fees.

Tuition fees

While studying abroad to another Webster campus, you will remain a Webster Thailand student and continue to pay your tuition at the Thailand campus.
- Studying abroad to other partner universities will result in you being liable to settle the tuition rates of the partner university which may differ from Webster University Thailand's.

Study Abroad and Site Transfer Guide

Deadlines for applications

  • Summer term - February 28th
  • Fall semester - March 30th
  • Spring semester - September 30th

Study Abroad application

Sign‐in using your Connections username and corresponding password, the pair you use to sign into Connections and WorldClassroom.

If you have questions regarding completing your online application, please see "How to Use Terra Dotta" for resources and training.

Site Transfer application forms

Any student who initially began as a study abroad student and now wishes complete his or her studies at Webster St Louis, will be required to return to home campus (Thailand), initiate the site transfer request from here through the study abroad office, and apply for a new visa.

Site transfer students pay the local tuition rate at the new campus they have relocated to for traditional classroom courses.

To apply speak to your academic advisor or please contact

Mr. Ruban Ganeshu
Site Registrar
+66 (0) 32-899-100 ext 9601