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Programs and Fees

Study Abroad Programs

Webster University offers full-term study abroad programs in fourteen international locations around the world, including, as well as short-term faculty-led programs in a variety of destinations.

Webster University International Campuses

  • St Louis, USA
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Beijing/Shanghai, China
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Athens, Greece
  • Leiden, Netherlands
  • Geneva, Switzerland

Webster University - International Partners

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Oxford/London, England
  • Trier, Germany
  • Florence, Italy
  • Tokyo/Osaka, Japan
  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Oviedo, Spain


Fees and costs

Tuition fees

Students who apply for study abroad have to pay the full Thailand tuition fee. Scholarships and bursaries cannot be availed while doing a study abroad.

Study abroad Processing Fees

Study Abroad Processing Fees are charged to process applications. If a student decides to extend or defer their study abroad to another term or semester, they will be charged again as the application will be considered as a new application. If a student submits a single application for more than 1 term/semester (one application but selecting multiple terms/semesters in it), the application will be considered as separate for each of the term(s)/semester(s) the student selected, which then will incur separate Study Abroad Processing Fees.

Worldwide Study Abroad Fees

Worldwide Study Abroad Fees are charged to students from Webster University Thailand going out for a study abroad to any location other than Webster St. Louis. Students going to Webster St. Louis will not be charged by WUT for this and will have to settle this fee directly at Webster St. Louis. The Worldwide Study Abroad Fee includes GeoBlue International health insurance, International Student ID Card, and Terra Dotta usage.

You may find more information about Tuition fees, Study abroad Processing Fee, and Worldwide Study Abroad Fee (undergrad-fees) (graduate-fees)


Each campus will have different "program costs. Please visit the "program costs" for the campuses that you are interested in attending. You may find more information about housing, and other program fees. Here