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Expand your world view & enrich your degree - Study Abroad!

Webster University encourages student mobility internationally and makes it easy to all qualified students to study abroad.

You may choose to study one term or more at one of Webster international campuses without interrupting your program of studies.

Study Abroad Students

A study abroad student, is a current Webster student who moves from his or her Webster home campus in one country to pursue his or her studies at another Webster campus in another country (e.g.  to St. Louis United States or Vienna Austria, Beijing/Shanghai China , Accra Ghana, Athens Greece, Leiden Netherlands , Geneva Switzerland and etc.) and plans to return to his or her home campus abroad thereafter.

Undergraduate students can remain as study abroad students for one academic year

  • Graduate students for two consecutive terms.
  • Study abroad students pay the tuition rate for the home campus where they began their studies.
  • Students who apply for study abroad have to pay the full Thailand tuition fee. Scholarships and bursaries cannot be availed while doing a study abroad.
  • School fees for the semester that a student will be going for study abroad should be paid in full before the study abroad application deadline.
    - Studying abroad to other partner universities will result in you being liable to settle the tuition rates of the partner university which may differ from Webster University Thailand's.

Students can study abroad throughout the year during Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2 or Summer terms. (No summer term in St Louis for Undergraduate students)


Site Transfer Students

A site transfer student is a Webster student who relocates from one Webster campus to another to complete his or her studies. This includes:

  • A student who began studies at a physical campus location who now applies to study only online
  • Any student who initially began as a study abroad student and now decides to remain at the second campus to complete his or her studies
  • Site transfer students pay the local tuition rate at the new campus they have relocated to for traditional classroom courses. Online students are always subject to the online rate.

Site transfer students can ONLY transfer in Fall 1, Spring 1 or Summer terms. They are NOT permitted to transfer in Spring 2 or Fall 2 terms. (No summer term in St Louis for Undergraduate students)