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Learn … Evolve … Apply … Develop … Serve … LEADS

In today’s real world, learning about leadership is more important than ever before. We want you to receive the tools necessary to succeed in our global society. We want you to have the right knowledge and the right skills to become leaders.

Mission Statement

WebsterLEADS is an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experience empowering our diverse student population to develop and excel as global citizens. Through a collaborative process between our students, staff, faculty, and the communities where we live and serve, we prepare our students with the knowledge, education and development to assume leadership on campus, in society and in the global workforce.

WebsterLEADS provides a self-paced, co-curricular, leadership education experience that students complete with the guidance of peers and veteran WebsterLEADS participants. Each participant’s involvement culminates with receiving the Leadership Certificate, which is awarded when students complete the entire curriculum, and usually coincides with graduation.

The core components of the program include:

Leadership Classes: Participants take two courses during their career at Webster:
a three-credit course called “The Challenge of Leadership,” which introduces students to prevalent leadership thought and theory and a 1-credit seminar-style course called “Ethics and Leadership on Campus.”

Leadership Retreats: The Emerging Leaders Retreat and the Advanced Leaders Retreat provide interactive, reflective, and learning community approaches to understanding leadership.

Professional Development Workshops: These workshops are offered at key points throughout the year and will focus on career-related issues such as personal budgeting, resume writing, networking, and interviewing. Certificate participants must attend four workshops to complete this particular requirement.

Service Learning Project:The program offers two ways to complete this component. In one option, students can enroll in a service learning course focused on creating a community-based action project executed as a group. In a second option, students with an existing connection to a non-profit organization can complete forty hours of service with that organization culminating in a reflection and presentation of their experience.

Practical Leadership Experience: Students are required to complete at minimum a semester-long practical experience in a position of leadership on campus. The practical leadership experience is a concrete application of a student’s leadership knowledge and skills.

Achieving the Leadership Certificate requires completion of a process we call the “5+2 System,” in which scholars complete five core areas above, and repeat any two of them.

For more information, please contact:

Student Affairs Department