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Student Associations

Student Government Association


The Student Government Association (SGA) supports students through advocacy in all areas of university affairs, as well as issues relating to the student charter. This also enables students to have a voice in policy-making that affects their studies as well as other policies affecting students both academically and socially.

 The clubs and activities you participate in during your studies are an essential part of student life. Overseeing these organizations is the SGA, which is responsible for helping fund club activities and student organizations, as well as various events and trips. You can become part of this representative platform for a year or until the end of the academic year.

The quality of student life, experience of individual students and a strong sense of community are at the heart of the SGA at Webster University Thailand. As well as advocating on behalf of students’ right and needs, the SGA is an avenue through which students can raise concerns and even make recommendations to the benefit of all, uniting the views and ideas of all students on campus. 

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