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Insurance Policy

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

I. Student Insurance Policy

  • Undergraduate students who register for any semester at Webster University Thailand (WUT), are entitled for student insurance of that semester, unless above 65 years old. The general fees charged to UNDG students cover the student insurance of that semester. Therefore, all Study Abroad and outgoing Site Transfer students are not entitled for the insurance. Any student who has previously received an insurance card but is not registered, he/she is not entitled for the student insurance of that semester. WUT will assume no liability for students who are not registered.
  • Graduate students are not required to have the student insurance offered by WUT. However, WUT will assume no financial responsibility in case of illness or injury if GRAD students choose not to purchase the WUT sponsored insurance and fail to possess alternative coverage.

II. Insured Periods

  • Fall semester: 1st day of Fall – 1st week of Spring
  • Spring semester: 1st day of Spring – 1st week of Fall
  • Summer term: 1st day of Summer – 1st week of Fall
  • UNDG students who are not registered will be removed from the student insurance during the 3rd week of each semester.
    • ***UNDG students who are registered for Spring semester, will also be insured during the Summer term. If they are not registered for Fall semester, they will be removed from insurance during the 3rd week of Fall (after the drop period).
    • New Policy Effective from Summer 2019 - Both Add and Drop Period will end at the end of week 1 from the new Academic Year of 2019-2020. This policy change is applicable to ALL students. Insured Periods will also change accordingly. 

III. Drop and Withdraw All Courses

UNDG students who drop or withdraw all courses, will still be insured for that semester if they have paid for the general fees. However, if the students have not paid for the general fees, they will be removed from the insurance.

Important Notes: 

  • UNDG students will not be insured after they have graduated because they are no longer registered for courses.
  • UNDG students who do internship but are not registered for courses, will not be eligible for the student insurance. However, students who register for the internship credits and pay the general fees, will be insured for that semester.
  • UNDG students will not be entitled for insurance on a semester that he/she is not registered, regardless of what the insurance card states.

IV. Insurance Fees

  • The Undergrad Insurance is covered in the general fees charges every semester and renewed automatically if the student registers and pays for the next semester. 
  • Graduate Students can purchase annual insurance for 15,000 Baht and make payments to the Finance Office either through transfer or credit card at Webster University Thailand. To learn more about making payment, click here.

The student insurance brochures are available for download here: