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Counseling for Students

Webster University Thailand is committed to supporting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of students for success in their personal and academic lives. The Counseling Center is headed by Chase Conrad, a qualified counselor from the USA who specializes in depression and anxiety, as well as sleep disorders and addiction. He also counsels students to better adjust to student life and integrate with different cultures.

During your studies, a new way of life, the pressure of academic performance and developing as an individual can be a rewarding challenge. However, if you feel that you are struggling in some way, even if you are not sure why, you can rest assured that an experienced counselor is on hand for short-term crises at the on-campus Counseling Center.

Webster University Thailand students who need a private and confidential space to talk through their concerns can do so in a safe and comfortable environment. These issues could relate to study problems, such as time management and stress, as well as personal issues, such as self-esteem and relationship difficulties. Where specialized care or longer-term counseling is needed, students are provided with resources and contacts outside the campus.

Information: Students can find out more about Webster University Thailand’s counseling services by contacting the Student Affairs Office on +66 (0) 616 325 143 (+66 (0) 616 325 173 weekends and out-of-office hours)

Appointments: Students can make a private counseling appointment by visiting the Counseling Center, Room 231 at the Cha-am/Hua Hin Campus or calling +66 (0) 32 456 162 (ext. 309)

Please note, emails are not confidential – .

Counseling Service at the Cha-am/Hua Hin Campus: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (9 am – 5 pm) and Friday (3pm – 5 pm).

Counseling Service at the Bangkok Campus: Every other Tuesday (schedule set by Student Affairs Office).