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Internships for Credit

Qualified undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program may be able to earn academic credit for learning gained from a quality internship opportunity that is directly related to the degree. Students are highly encouraged to gain professional experience through an internship, regardless of whether it is for academic credit or not.

Internship Objectives

Internships should meet the following objectives:

  • Student will develop skill sets that allow them to marry their course of study to real-world applications.
  • Students will gain experience in development of organizations communications skills and intrapersonal relationship abilities.
  • Students will be able to use experience to enhance reference/records to enhance future employment opportunities.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the participating organizations formal functional activities.
  • Students will have opportunities to understand informal organizational relationships.

Finding an Internship

Students need to conduct a search for an internship, secure the internship and work with appropriate department faculty internship coordinator in order to receive academic credit. Each of these steps provides a learning component for the student on their path toward securing a successful internship position. Resources to assist students throughout the process are available through the Career Planning and Development Center.

Eligibility Requirements

Students wishing to complete an internship as part of their degree should be prepared to file all necessary paperwork a minimum of 1 term (8 weeks) in advance of the semester that they wish to receive the credit in. For specific eligibility requirements pertaining to your particular degree, please contact the faculty internship coordinator for your academic department. Academic credit will only be granted one term or semester at a time. Students must resubmit a new application for each additional terms or semester.

Internships should clearly align with the student's degree program.

Application for Academic Credit for Business and Management, Computer Science programs.

Undergraduate students must have completed the equivalent of 4 full semesters (60 credit hours) with a minimum of 12 credit hours of core courses in their Walker School degree program. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0 is required. Undergraduate students can earn 1 to 6 hours of academic credit.

Once a Walker School student has secured an internship, the following forms should be completed. All forms must be signed and returned to the appropriate faculty internship coordinator for each department.

Faculty Internship Coordinators

Application for Academic Credit for International Relations program.

The goal of the Internship Program is to provide the student with professional job experience in fields related to the study of history, political science, or international relations. Host organizations certainly benefit by having qualified interns working for them, but the primary purpose is to provide a meaningful learning experience for the student.
For further information, see the undergraduate internship guidelines and forms.

Faculty Internship Coordinator

Application for Academic Credit for Psychology program.

Faculty Internship Coordinator

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