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In addition to the Library´s collection, computer desktops, study tables and comfortable lounge seating are available to attract students, making it one of the most popular places on campus.

After hours, through the Webster network of campuses, student’s research needs are met by subscribed online resources available through the Internet 24/7.

The Library Hours:
Monday to Friday – 08.45 A.M. – 06:00 P.M.

(during school breaks 09:00 A.M. – 05:00 P.M.)

Closed on Weekends.


Research Resources





Faculty Publicatons

Webster University faculty members are committed to the sharing of research and the advancement knowledge.

Index of Faculty Research


Student Publicatons

The aim of publishing these papers in Webster University Thailand web site is to offer a chance to students to share their works and contribute to scholarship in the different areas.

Book Collection at the Webster University Thailand Library:

The main WUT library book collection is housed in the room to the right of the entrance according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Each book is assigned a letter and number combination according to its primary subject and shelved in alpha-numeric order along with other books about the same subject.


How do I find books?

Browse the shelves. At the end of each shelf is a tag listing the subjects of the books on that shelf. Check the Online Public Access Catalog on the OPAC Computer at the entrance of the Library. You can use keywords to search for the resources that you need in our library’s database system “Athenaeum,” as well as by author, title and subject. You can also ask for help at the Library´s Circulation Desk.

Reference Works in WUT Library:

Reference materials, such as dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, etc., are located on shelves just on the left side of the central zone of the room.

Like all of the main library collection, reference materials are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification System .







  • Computer Science / IT
  • English as Second Language (ESL)
  • International Relations
  • Science

Library Policies

Loan Periods and Fines
  • Main Book Collection:

- 14 days, renewable for another 14 days. 
- Fines are 5-baht per day.
- Faculties are entitled to keep the book for one month. Renewable for another month.

  • ESL Books:

    - Seven (7) days, renewable for another seven (7) days. 
    - Fines are 5-baht per day.

  • Reserve Items:

    - Depending on the material and the instructor, 2 to 4 hours. 
    - Some reserve items can be checked out overnight if checked out within one (1) hour of closing and returned within 1 to 3 hours of opening the following day, depending on the material. 
    - Fines are 5-baht per hour.

All Library materials removed from the Library must be checked out at the front Circulation Desk. Patrons may only check out materials under their own names, or on their own ID cards, and must report any cards that are lost or stolen to the Librarian. Patrons are responsible for any materials checked out on their cards, even if they check out the materials and loan them to another person.

Students with overdue items may not check out books. Overdue items may not be renewed unless the item is returned and the fine paid.

Students are responsible for knowing when books are due. A slip with the due date is given to the student when the book is checked out. Overdue notices are a courtesy only. The library will not be held responsible if the student does not receive an overdue notice.

Patrons are responsible for damage to any Library material that is checked out with their ID card, or used by them in the Library.

If any Library material is damaged, or overdue for more than two weeks, the Library may consider the item lost.  At that point, the student is obligated to pay for the full replacement value of the item or items (including shipping and handling), plus up to two weeks of overdue fines.  If the student fails to pay the overdue fines plus the replacement amount, or fails to pay the overdue fine and/or return any overdue materials, the student may be blocked from registration and will be unable to obtain course grades or transcripts until the account is settled.



Faculty, students and staff have access to Passports, Webster’s collection of online resources, which includes:

o 100+ subscribed resources 
o Records for 70,000 journals. 
o Approximately 4,500 of the journals in full-text 
o Approximately 5,000 full text news, business and legal sources. 
o Also includes encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference resources 
o Available 24/7 at http://library.webster.edu

Priority use of computers is given to study and research activities. Students may reserve a computer at designated times during the morning and/or afternoon. The Library has several ports from which laptop computers may connect to the Internet. Cables may be checked out from the Library´s Circulation Desk.

Chatting, downloading music and playing games are not allowed on Library computers. Violators will be punished according to the University policy regarding computer use.

Printing costs 1-baht per page. Students are responsible for paying for all printouts they make and ones that are made by persons signed into their account. Students who have uncollected printouts must pay for them before they are allowed to receive any new ones. Students who still have uncollected printouts may be blocked from registration and will be unable to obtain course grades or transcripts until the account is settled.

Other Policies:

    o  Before leaving the Library, please allow the staff on duty to inspect all backpacks and other bags that are large enough to contain library material.

    o  Food and drink (other than water in plastic containers) may not be brought into the Library. Smoking is not permitted.

    o  The Library is intended for study and research. If necessary, please converse quietly in the Library. Cell phone use is not permitted. Patrons are asked to select “silent” mode on their phones.

    o  The top floor of the Library is off limits except for ceremonies and formal and informal group meetings. Reservations must be made in advance at the Library´s Circulation Desk.

    o  Patrons are asked not to re-shelve books in the open stacks. Place them in the designated re-shelving areas or return them to the Circulation Desk for re-shelving by the Library staff.

    o  Students are not allowed behind the Circulation Desk.  For assistance, please speak to a member of the Library staff.

    o  Patrons are responsible for being aware of new Library policies that come into effect. New policies will be publicized by Webster either by e-mail, or posted on the front door or at the Circulation Desk of the Library.

    o  Any action by a student in contravention of these policies may result in the student being reported to the Director of Student Services with a recommendation for disciplinary action.

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