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Learning Happens Everywhere

Campus Life"The academic and student life experience at Webster University Thailand presents our students with all the many normal challenges and opportunities you would expect of college life.  Yet, there are also many unique aspects to studying and living in such a special country as Thailand and in an environment with so much diversity.  Thailand is a laboratory of the world!  The country where our students live and learn is rich in culture and history yet a thoroughly modern center for trade and commerce in the heart of Southeast Asia.  This unique setting helps to make our university an extraordinary learning environment where our students are able to develop the values they will need for success, learn to think critically and act ethically, acquire the skills needed for future leadership, and grow in all aspects of their life.  Webster University Thailand is also a laboratory for building global citizens.  With students coming from 60 countries and a faculty drawn from 40 countries, this immense diversity presents our students with a hands-on chance to understand, respect, and appreciate the different perspectives and cultures of our world.  Student Affairs works in collaboration with the academic team and a group of highly dedicated student leaders to provide a full range of programs, activities, events, and services to create a vibrant student life experience.  We invite and encourage our students to take full advantage of their university experience on their path to becoming global citizens.”

Phil Gwaltney
Director of Student Affairs