***Call for Papers***

Mapping the Southern Thailand Conflict

 Webster University Thailand Colloquium

28 March 2014 (One day) Novotel Hotel Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

The recently inaugurated peace process between the government of Thailand and the BRN led few to speculate that the protracted violence plaguing the three southern provinces would come to an end anytime soon. Optimism prevails, at least publicly, that the talks will lead to some kind of reduction in violence and a possible settlement within the framework of the Thai constitution as set out in the memorandum of February 2013. Meanwhile, the violence continues.

This colloquium seeks to bring together both scholars and practitioners to examine the multiple impediments to peace and offer a realistic appraisal of the conflict and its management, resolution or transformation in light of the tentative talks currently under way. The colloquium will be a multi-disciplinary examination of the problems in the southern Thailand region in terms of security, identity, socio-political and economic organization, issues of governance, regional inter-state interdependence and the global factors with a bearing on local issues.

Contributors are invited to make a specific contribution to the subject by considering the principal obstacles to some form of settlement as candidly as possible from the perspective of their own specialized area of research. Peace and stability is a desired end, but it is only achievable by confronting the impediments to peace directly and unequivocally. The conference seeks to measure the gap between the current reality and possible future realizations of ‘peace’, and the multi-faceted dimensions that demand the attention of all the actors involved.

Paper submissions are open to any relevant field, particularly from those of conflict studies, political science, International Relations, sociology, cultural studies and economics. Participation is encouraged from practitioners in the field who can illuminate the theoretical considerations with their own empirically grounded analyses.

Registration fees will be kept at a minimum in order to cover the costs of the event. The registration fee will be finalized in due course. It is currently estimated at $100.

A three-hundred word abstract of any proposed paper along with author name(s) and affiliation should be emailed to Papers and contributions will be considered up to a month before the conference event.

Call for Papers S Thailand



***Call for Papers***

First Multi-disciplinary Colloquium on Regional Interdependence in Southeast Asia

Hosted by: Webster University, Thailand

Interdependence in Southeast Asia – Limits and Opportunities


26th-27th April 2013 Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok


Deadline for submissions – Friday Feb 22nd, 2013


This conference aims to explore a range of issues and questions posed  by on-going and evolving cooperation among ASEAN member states. The ASEAN community of nations was established in 1967, with goals centered on regional cooperation at the economic level. However, more recently ASEAN’s spheres of activity have grown exponentially as globalization continues to ask questions of Westphalian presumptions. It now assumes roles in political and security questions, economics, social and cultural issues and external relations.


Given the delay in the headline goal of establishing an ASEAN Economic Community by 2015, recent comments by Indonesia’s trade minister to the effect that the continuing crises in the European and American economies necessitated more collective behaviour among ASEAN states is recognition that the pressure to integrate is significant. Yet ASEAN has encountered marked barriers to denser interstate cooperation, not least as a result of widely diverging economic models. But are these economic questions sufficient reason to offset closer economic and political cooperation? Do the difficulties lie outside the economic sphere?


The conference seeks papers reflective of several key disciplines in order to explore collectively the limits and opportunities of regional interdependence in Southeast Asia in an integrated academic dialogue. As regional integration processes tend to defy strict disciplinary boundaries, this conference intends to open a communicative space between subject areas in order to facilitate greater understanding of the processes – and challenges – involved. International Relations and politics approaches need to hear from business and management perspectives. Business needs to hear from education. All of these need to hear from cultural perspectives. A recent National University of Singapore study found 81 per cent of businesses surveyed in ASEAN countries did not believe a common market was achievable within the next few years. What are the implications of increasing cooperation in terms of politics and diplomacy, business and economic development, culture and media, education and the arts?


Paper authors are asked to forward a 500 word abstract by 4th January, 2013, which should include the title of the paper, their name (including co-authors) and institutional affiliation. Proposed papers should be forwarded to Dr Kenneth Houston ( by the indicated deadline. The conference is a pivotal stage in the continuing development of Webster’s institutional research programme. Proposed papers will be subject to a competitive selection process for final inclusion in colloquium event. Papers that have evidently reflected closely on the theme and rationale outlined above will be selected. It should be emphasised to all interested researchers that the conference is formatted along the lines of a colloquium. Papers that endeavour to be accessible to scholars outside their disciplinary boundaries are more likely to be considered. The aim of the conference is to initiate a cross-disciplinary dialogue on the issue of regional integration in South East Asia. We are currently in discussion with a publisher in Bangkok with whom we have a relationship regarding dissemination of the conference proceedings.


As part of Webster’s continuing commitment to excellence in university education, the conference will also be open to a limited number of presenters enrolled in masters and doctoral programs. This will provide postgraduate students with an opportunity to undertake and present research in a scholarly environment alongside experts in the field.


A fee of $150 is payable upon registration

Postgraduate Students Concession $80

Webster Conference on ASEAN (PDF)

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