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International Transfer Credit

International Advanced Standing

If a student has graduated from an advanced-standing program in their home country's high school, they may be eligible for transfer credits. See the list below for all of the approved advanced standing programs. Credit will be awarded on an individual basis and is based on the student's grade. 

  • Austria (up to 32 credits)   
    • Austrian Matura - Reifepruefung 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (up to 32 credits)
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Matura/ Svjedodzb o Zavrzenoj Srednjoj Skoli) 
  • Croatia (up to 32 credits)
    • Croatian Certificate of Maturity (Svjedodzba o Mature)  
  • Denmark (up to 24 credits)    
    • Bevis Studentereksamens 
  • England (up to 32 credits)   
    • GCE  A/AS - levels
  • Finland (up to 24 credits)   
    • Ylippilastutkintotodistus
  • France (up to 32 credits)   
    • Baccalaureate De L'Enseignment Secondair 
  • Germany (up to 32 credits)   
    • German Abitur - Hochschulreife, if 13 years, if only 12 years then no advanced standing credits are awarded 
  • Hungary (up to 32 credits)   
    • Hungarian Maturity Certificate (Erettsegi Matura) 
  • Iceland (up to 30 credits)   
    • Studentsprof 
  • Ireland (up to 24 credits)   
    • Leaving Certificate Exam   
  • Italy (up to 24 credits)   
    • Diploma di Maturita Classica, Scientifica, or Linguistic AND
    • Diploma di Maturita Magistrale from instituto magistrale 
  • Malaysia (up to 8 credits)   
    • Higher School Certificate - Advanced Level 
  • Netherlands (up to 32 credits)    
    • VWO Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk 
  • Norway (up to 32 credits as of Fall 2014)
    • Vitnemal Vidergaende Skolen (Student will be awarded 4 semester hours for each subject with a grade of 3 or higher.) 
  • Serbia (up to 32 credits)   
    • Serbian Diploma of Acquired Secondary Education (Diplom Zavrsenoj Skoli) 
  • Slovenia (up to 32 credits)   
    • Slovenian Maturity Examination Certificate (Maturitetno Spricevalo) 
  • Spain (up to 20 credits)   
    • Titulo de Bachiller / Curso de Orientacn Univ 
  • Sweden (up to 24 credits)   
    • Gymnasium - Secondary School Leaving
  • Switzerland (up to 32 credits)   
    • Swiss maturite for passing subjects
  • Thailand (up to 60 credits)   
    • 5 year degrees that begin in 10th grade
  • United Kingdom (up to 64 credits)  
    • Higher National Diploma (Edexcel)

Advanced Placement (AP)

Webster University recognizes the advanced placement test (AP Exams) as a preparation for university studies. The maximum allowed credit is 32 semester hours. 

Guidelines for AP Exam Transfer Credits 

Credit is awarded for AP Exams on an individual course grade. Subjects include Art, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature and Composition, French, German, Government and Politics, History, Latin, Music, Physics and Spanish.

Students must request the College Board/AP Services to send official test results to the University. Generally, scores from the senior year of high school reach Webster in late July.

For information on how a student can request an official copy of the AP score report, go to the College Board website. The code for Webster is 6933.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Webster University recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) as preparation for university studies. The University awards first year (freshman) lower-division transfer credit to enrolled students upon receipt of an official transcripts. The maximum allowed credit is 32 semester hours.

Global Assessment Certificate (GAC)

Webster University recognizes ACT Education Solutions, Limited's Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) program as preparation for university studies. Students will have to finish the program with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.  The maximum credits allowed is 39, with 3 credits assigned for specific exams. 

International University Transfer Credits

During the application process, all students are required to submit transcripts from any university or college they have attended. Webster's International Credential Specialist will evaluate all international credit for potential transfer credit. Depending on the education framework, credits and grades will be converted into the US system. Credits will be evaluated on an individual basis and follow  Webster University's Transfer Credit Policy.

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