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Graduate Transfer

You must apply for admission or already be accepted to a graduate program in order for us to evaluate transcripts for transfer credit.

If you have completed graduate courses with grades of B- or better from other regionally accredited academic institutions, the course work may be eligible for transfer into your graduate degree program, up to a specified maximum, depending on your Webster program. Graduates may transfer up to 12 graduate credit hours subject to prior review and approval. Transfer credit for the MBA is limited to 9 hours and for MAT is limited to 6 hours, again subject to review and approval.

The Office of the Registrar at Webster University in St. Louis makes all final determinations about transfer credit.

Webster Guidelines for Transfer of Credit (MA and MBA degrees)

Credits must:

  • Be relevant to the specific master’s degree discipline the student is pursuing
  • Be acquired from other accredited graduate institutions
  • Be limited to a total of 12 credit hours for an MA degree or 9 credits for a 36 hour MBA degree
  • Have grade of B- or above
  • Not have been applied toward the completion of another degree