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Do you need housing in Bangkok? Chances are, if you are coming from another country, you probably do. Webster University Thailand is here to help you with your housing search!

You have two options:

  • Webster Recommended Housing
  • Finding your own Housing

Webster Recommended Housing

Webster University does not own its own housing or dormitory in Bangkok. However, we have identified a variety of options for you to be able to lease independently.
During your application if you have indicated that you need our help in finding your housing then our student services department will contact you and provide you with all the required assistance.

Housing Features

All the recommended housings are in multi-storied buildings or inside gated communities which have a wide range of amenities. The amenities and features of these buildings  include 24-hour security, gate cards, laundry services, mini-marts, cafeteria/mini-restaurant.

Most buildings have a swimming pool, a fitness center and easy access to the Skytrain (for easy commuting between housing and graduate school). Internet (Wifi) is often included in the Superior and Deluxe category of the housings. In other housings you can either buy a Datacard (TRUE, DTAC, AIS) or get a Wifi/LAN connection from the building at a reasonable price.

All housing units are air-conditioned and furnished. Most housings/units will offer television, refrigerator and/or a microwave for a small rental. Some superior and Deluxe apartments already have these included in the rental.

Housing Types

Housing Type

Price Range(B)


Contract Type

Standard Single



6 months – 1 year

Superior Single

6,500 – 8,500


4 months – 1 year

Superior Shared

4,500 – 6,000


4 months – 1 year

Deluxe Single

9,000 – 12,000


2 months – 1 year

Finding your own Housing in Bangkok

If our recommended housings are full, or you would prefer to look for accommodation on your own you can visit the following websites:


FAQ about Housing in Bangkok

  • Safety and Security

    We have identified properties which are in safe neighborhoods. All buildings have private security, CCTV. However, you should not ignore basic security guidelines like locking your door behind you, not keeping valuable items or cash lying around etc. In general housings are safe and secured.

  • Accessibility

    Housings which have a very close access to the skytrain (BTS/MRT) will be more accessible than the ones which are not. Even though you are paying more for the rent, you save considerably on travel costs (taxis).
    We usually recommend housings which are not too remote and inside the Sois (lanes), so you do not have to wait for a motorbike taxi to come to the main road.

  • Costs and Hidden Costs

    Housings which are more expensive will have more options and features. They will be more likely located centrally and have a great access to the BTS/MRT system.
    The units which are inexpensive will usually charge you for add-ons like Refrigerators: 200   – 400 Baht / month, Television: 200 – 300 Baht / month. You can also buy these quite inexpensive in Bangkok. 

  • Moving in Issues

    During moving in you will sign the contract with the building. Please note that Webster has no oversight or responsibility regarding the rental terms and conditions between you and the housing. At the time of moving in all housings charge a 2 month deposit and one month advance rent.
    While moving in some housing will provide you with new linen, pillow covers etc. It is advised that you keep aside a small budget (usually 75 – 100 USD) for buying your own linen, small utensils, towels, doormats, etc.

  • Rules and Regulations

    Most housing is very strict with the following issues

    • Noise
    • Cleanliness
    • Timely payments (rent and utilities)

    Remember that even though Webster does not own these housings, we share a relationship with them none the less. So we expect our students will not do anything that would affect Webster’s reputation and possible denial of service from these places in future.

  • Cooking and Pets:

    Most housings do not allow stove-top cooking. Light cooking (microwave/rice cooker/curry pan) may be allowed by some housings. Please check with the housing or our student services office (for Webster Recommended Housing) to make sure that the housing allows cooking. Pets are not allowed in all housings. Students who intend to have more freedom with cooking and /or pets may rent town houses for the same.

  • Family Visits

    Most housing have a limit to how many people can stay for short and/or long duration. In case several members of your family are visiting you in Thailand, you may need to arrange a hotel accommodation for them. Usually one or two guests are always allowed to stay with you (depending upon the size of the rooms/units).

For more information you can always ask our admissions counselor and the student services officers during the admissions process: admissions@webster.ac.th

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