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Psychology (BA)

Webster University Thailand’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is designed to explore theoretical perspectives and investigate issues relating to human behavior. Through academic and practical perspectives, the course prepares graduates for a variety of managerial, supervisory, and educational roles, as well as for a career in psychology, counseling, and other related areas which require a relevant graduate degree.

Being part of an international, multi-cultural student body means students can take advantage of exploring how people see, interact, and react to themselves, others, and the world around them more easily. Sharing ideas and valuable exchanges on different perspectives, enables you to progress individually through the course with the support of the experienced tutors and other course students. You also learn about scientific approaches and how statistics are integrated into psychology theory.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Webster University Thailand investigates questions relating to mental health and human behavior, focusing on the nature-nurture debate and ideas surrounding consciousness and different perspectives. Students also investigate cognitive theory and explore psychoanalytical ideas.

With analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills, a Webster University Thailand Bachelor of Arts in Psychology graduate is equipped with a strong foundation for a multitude of career opportunities, and possessed with a strong understanding of critical and creative thinking. The course also allows you to gain valuable insights into wider social and cultural issues, such as diversity within a local and global context. 


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