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BA Media Communications

Webster University Thailand offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications, designed to equip students with the necessary skills for a multitude of established and newly developing careers in the increasingly expanding fields of global communication and information. 

Intrinsic to the course studies is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience. This practical application of skills includes internship experiences, on-campus media projects and productions, voluntary community work, and support with developing your own portfolio. 

With real-world professional experience, the faculty members are able to share the latest techniques and ideas on all aspects of communication, whether in traditional or digital environments. Tutors promise a personalized approach for you to unlock your own creative potential within a structured and practical environment. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications at Webster University Thailand teaches students communication skills via a wide variety of platforms, both oral and written. The degree course focuses on critical thinking, communicating effectively in context, and creative problem solving; transferable skills relevant to a wide range of careers.


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BA Media Communications

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