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BS Computer Science

Computer skills are becoming ever-more in demand across many industries, creating a wide-range of graduate opportunities.

Webster University Thailand offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, designed to give students a solid understanding of information technology, as well as inspire creativity and original thought.

With hands-on learning defining much of the course content, students spend half of the classes involved with practical applications, combining theory and practice. Small class sizes, along with individual and group projects, allow students to benefit from collaboration, as well as personalized attention.

The tutors, many of whom are IT professionals, are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest tech developments and industry innovations; passing on valuable knowledge to students.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Webster University Thailand focuses on understanding software systems through analyzing, designing and documenting system components and a software system project. In this way, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the field of program content and computer science. 


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BS Computer Science

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