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BS Accounting

Webster University’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to become qualified and successful accountants. No matter where in the world they decide to work, this degree will provide students with the knowledge that they require to succeed. The program also places a strong focus on group work and real life case studies. This allows Webster students to apply the skills and theory they have learnt actively throughout the course in preparation for entering the job market.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program at Webster University Thailand provides a wide range of subjects so that students are able to focus on their specific area of interest. Students enrolled in the course have the ability to pursue opportunities in public accounting, corporate accounting and a number of other related areas of accounting. In addition, students are also provided with a general background in business to provide context to their accounting knowledge.

In an increasingly competitive global environment, today’s graduates are expected to have a high level of understanding and proficiency in their field of expertise. At Webster University Thailand, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting program provides students with the practical and theoretical knowledge required to excel as accountants and as professionals in the business world. 

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BS Accounting

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