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George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology

Timothy George Andrews, Ph.D. (Brunel University)

Faculty, Business and Management


Roy Ramos Avecilla, MIR (University of the Philippines)

Undergraduate Coordinator, School of Business & Technology


Philip Avneesh, MA (Chulalongkorn University)

Faculty, Business and Economics


Elsabie De Beer, MA (University of South Africa)

Faculty, Business and Management, Tax Law 


Leslie Klieb, Ph.D. (University of Groningen‎)

Faculty, Business and Computer Science


Raymond Alexander Ledesma, MA (Asian Institute of Management)

Faculty, Asian and International Business, Entrepreneurship


Timothy Joseph Malloy, MBA (Cornell University)

Faculty, Business and Management


Maximo Lara Nacional, MA (De La Salle University)

Faculty, Computer Science


Ramona - Mihaela Paun, Ph.D. (The Bucharest University of Economic Studies)

Department Head, Economic Cybernetics and Statistics


Johan Phillipus Jacobus Van Rooyen, Ph.D. (University of Edinburgh)

MBA Coordinator, Faculty, Economics


Alexey Rasskazov, Ph.D. (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)

Faculty, Business and Management


Delphine Angele Simone Desgres Ep Terrien, MA (Université de Nantes)

Faculty, Business and Management