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David Meredith, Ph.D

Transitions Program Coordinator
Faculty, General Education & Languages

Dr. David Meredith is currently teaching English Language and First Year Seminar at Webster University, Thailand. He earned his Bachelor of Education Degree from Exeter University, UK. He studied his Masters of Education with The Open University in England and obtained a PHD in teaching and technology at Assumption University, Thailand. Before starting his career in higher education, Dr. Meredith had a long teaching career in primary education. He worked as a classroom teacher in rural and inner cities schools in the UK and, at various points in his career, held the additional roles of Special Needs, English and Science Coordinators. Dr. Meredith was a Deputy Principal at Kennedy International School, Hong Kong, Head of School at Bangkok Patana International School, Thailand, Principal of Hyderabad International School, India and a Head teacher at two schools in England. After his many years working in early years’ education, Dr. Meredith moved to Thailand where he worked at Bangkok University as Coordinator for Communication Arts English language courses, taught corporate courses and wrote five English language text books. Dr. Meredith has presented research papers at conferences in Barcelona, Spain and London, UK.