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John Lawrence, M.S.Ed.

Department Head (interim), Global Citizenship and Languages Programs

John Lawrence is the Department Head of the Global Citizenship and Languages Programs (interim) in Bangkok, Thailand, where he teaches communication-based courses in the fields of ESL and education.  Mr. Lawrence has applied his Master of Science in Education to a 20-year career at the secondary and post-secondary levels in North America and Asia. His focus is on program and curriculum design, authentic learning and assessment, and professional learning communities (PLC). Most recently, he has developed such internal and local PLC initiatives as Webster Thailand’s Community Service Seminars, the Bangkok Teachers’ Circle and Student Writing Center, and various inter-university events in collaboration with other leading institutions. The PLC initiatives have also extended to the Thai government, including collaboration with their national teacher training institute (NIDTEP) and The Teachers’ Council of Thailand. Additionally, John Lawrence has had the pleasure of working with some of Thailand’s leading corporations in the design and delivery of national student learning camps as part of their corporate social responsibility campaigns.