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"Students don't learn about other cultures - they experience them every day. This rich multicultural environment is part of our mission of developing global citizens."
- Ratish Thakur, Rector Webster Thailand Campus

Mission & Policy


As an International campus of Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, WUT embraces the Mission and Scope of the main campus. However, WUT has extended that vision to include “an accredited American University operating in Southeast Asia to create future leaders for a multicultural world”.


At WUTC, our international mission is to provide the students with

“Real World Knowledge for Real World Success” 

To this end, the International Faculty have been appointed specifically for their credentials, their desire to work with international students and their experience outside academia. All courses are taught in the English language and students enjoy a student-faculty ratio of 1:15. The degree programs offered follow the requirements set by the academic departments at Webster University, St. Louis. All students within the Webster University Worldwide system have the opportunity to spend part of their degree program at one or more of the Webster’s international campuses. Alternatively, all registered, qualified students may seek a permanent transfer for degree completion to another campus within the system. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow intellectually, while proceeding to graduation without impediment.


Comprising membership from the faculty and senior administration, this Executive Board is charged with providing academic management, general management and strategic decision – making within which the university operates. The Executive Board is subject to the authority of the WUTC Council.

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