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"Students don't learn about other cultures - they experience them every day. This rich multicultural environment is part of our mission of developing global citizens."
- Ratish Thakur, Rector Webster Thailand Campus



Webster University’s Thailand Campus is a part of Webster University Worldwide: The multi-international campus network of Webster University offers fully accredited American university degrees. Webster University Worldwide was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in 1915 and its multi-international campus network consists of four European campuses, three Asian campuses and one central American campus. Moreover, Webster University Worldwide has over fifty local campuses within the U.S.

The worldwide network of campuses now have over 20,000 students from over 130 countries. Our university is a private, non-secular, non-profit, liberal arts university which emphasizes global experiences and practical knowledge teaching in the classroom.

The Webster system gives all of its students the opportunity to experience different cultures all within the same educational system and curriculum.

The WUTC’s main campus is located near the seaside resort towns of Hua Hin and Cha-am, about 185 kilometers south of Bangkok. Here are some answers to students’ most frequently asked questions about Webster University Thailand:

Is this a Thai University? (Accreditation Section)

Yes and No at the same time. While WUTC is fully accredited American university, it is also fully accredited by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. This means that we are legal entity in Thailand, and being supported by Commission of Higher Education in Thailand and by Ministry of University Affairs in Thailand.

However, the medium of any class is English. Further, our academic calendar follows general American university system: mainly Fall semester (sixteen weeks long), Spring Semester (sixteen weeks long) and Summer term (eight weeks long).

Our student body consists of not only Thais, but also South East Asian, American and European students.

What language is the medium of instruction?

English is the medium of instruction as we are an accredited American University. All students must be fluent in English in order to attend courses at any of Webster´s campuses. The Thailand campus also offers intensive EAP courses to students who need extra English preparation before beginning their full-time degree studies.

What are Webster´s English proficiency requirements?

For undergraduate program admission, you will need TOEFL score of 550 PBT (Paper Based Test), 210 CBT (Computer Based Test) and 80 iBT (Internet Based Test) with TWE score of 4.5 or an IELTS of 6.0.

For graduate program admission, you will need TOEFL score of 575 (paper based test), 230 (computer based test), or 89 (internet based test) with TWE score of 5.0 or IELTS score of 6.5.

Who teaches the programs?

Webster University faculty members are mainly from North America: however, we are an equal opportunity employer, meaning with no regards to nationality, we hire highly trained and experienced faculty members from Australia, Europe, and other countries. All of our professors are Western educated and the majority of the faculty members have industry experience in their major field. There are also large numbers of visiting professors from Webster´s international campuses.

Is the university accredited? (Accreditation Section)

Yes, Webster University holds appropriate licensure, accreditation, or approval for all undergraduate and graduate level study at locations where the University offers programs. Webster is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The Thai campus also has appropriate accreditation with the CHE in Thailand.

Where does my degree come from?

Regardless of which campus one studies or graduates from, all students receive their diploma from the Webster University St. Louis (USA) campus. This degree is recognized internationally with fully accredited qualification.

How expensive are the fees and living expenses?

Webster University Thailand is approximately one third cheaper than studying in the USA. To read more on costs please select your area of study undergraduate or graduate

What courses are available at WUT?

The Undergraduate Majors currently offered at WUTC are:

Business and Technology

Business Administration (BS)

Management (BA)

Management with emphasis in Marketing (BA)

Management with International Business (BA)

Arts & Sciences

International Relations (BA)

Psychology (BA)


Advertising & Marketing Communication (BA)

Media Communications (BA)

The home campus in St Louis offers many additional majors (see www.webster.edu for more information), including several online degree programs.

The Graduate Programs currently offered at WUT are:

Master of Business Administration
Master in Media Communications
Master in International Relations

Please note that the graduate programs are being offered only at Webster University’s Bangkok Academic Center.

When should we apply? (Admissions Deadlines)

For both undergraduate students and graduate students, the first intake is for the Fall Semester (August). We also admit students for Spring Semester (January) as well as Summer Semester (May).

If you are considering coming Fall Semester, then you should apply at least three weeks before the Fall semester starts.

Can I transfer from one campus to another for a similar program?

Yes, after successfully completing thirty credit hours as an undergraduate student or twelve credit hours as a graduate student at Webster University Thailand, the student is eligible to transfer to St. Louis, Missouri (USA) or any Webster network campuses in the USA as well as in Europe and Asia; Geneva (Switzerland); Vienna (Austria); Leiden (Netherlands); or in Regents College in London (England).

All of Webster´s campuses are on the same semester timetable, teach the same curriculum, and use English as a medium of teaching, so it is very easy to transfer between campuses.

The visa, however, cannot be guaranteed. Also, students must be in good academic and financial standing with the university for site transfer approval to be granted.

How many “exemptions” will I get with my qualification?

In the American system, the word “exemption” usually means that the students, based on past qualifications such as test scores or classes previously taken, do not have to take a specific class. When referring to using past university/college classes to substitute for the same class at another institution, we use the word “transfer” course or transfer credit. To transfer credits to Webster University, a student must have a 2.5 GPA (Grade Point Average) on a 4.0 scale for each class he/she wishes to transfer. If grades have not been assigned for the course, or if the coursework was from a non-American institution, we will need to evaluate the transcript in our Office of Admissions and the Registrar at the St. Louis campus before how many credits can be transferred.

If I have studies IB or A-levels can I get advanced placement?

Yes, Webster will evaluate and award up to 32 credit hours for IB, AP, and A-levels

Where do your students come from?

Webster University Thailand has diverse international student body: over 57 different nationalities are represented at Webster University Thailand.

Approximately 10% of the students are Thai, the rest of the student body is comprised of Vietnamese, Indian, Nepalese, Myanmar, as well as American, Canadian, South American, German, Scandinavian students.

We also receive study abroad students, exchange students and special program students from America, Germany, Korea, China and Vietnam each semester.

What are the facilities like at Webster University Thailand?

The University is located in amazing Thailand on a site of about 60 acres (132 rai): our campus provides wireless internet connection throughout the campus as well as hard-line connections are available in many classrooms.

The facilities includes:

A library that is fully supported by wireless internet connection, a gymnasium/sports center, tennis courts, basketball court, and football field, student lounge, a cafeteria with Thai, Italian, and vegetarian food, a library/computer resource center, computer labs with internet facility, media lab and dark room, IT lab, small auditorium

What kind of accommodation is available? (Housing Section )

Student housing is available at V.I.P Condo Chain located in Cha-Am right on the beach overlooking Cha-Am and Hua-Hin. All rooms are furnished. It has a swimming pool and school bus runs several times every day between the housing and the university campus and the city of Hua-Hin. Most of the units have a refrigerator, television, study table and chair, sofa and air-conditioning provided. Students are responsible for their own electricity, phone and water bills. Two students typically share a room.

Students also can live in Premier House which is located in Hua Hin. Premier House is a house with 2 bedrooms, a living room with sofa and TV sets, small kitchen space, one bathroom, wireless internet, garden, washing machine service, drinking water machine service and 24 hour security.

Is Hua-Hin a good place for a university?

The Hua-Hin/Cha-am area is one of the safest places in Thailand: This is where Thai families come so they can get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The advantages of living and studying in Hua-Hin are:

  1. Peaceful beach side resort town that boast international travelers: Hua-Hin/Cha-Am has been well known to Thais and to European tourists for its welcoming communities and visitor friendly local residence. Yet, the town boasts a wide-array of international cuisines, a few treasured old palaces, beautiful national parks and calm Buddhist temples and retreats.
  2. Hua-Hin/Cha-Am is close to Bangkok and many students visit Bangkok during the weekends for entertainment and special shopping. Students at Webster University Thailand agree that living and studying in Hua-Hin/Cha-Am makes them focus more on study during the week. However, when weekend hits, most students enjoy time in Bangkok.
  3. Crime is not tolerated in this region because it is the location of one of the Royal Palaces. The Royal Thai Police and Army go to great lengths to avoid any embarrassment to the Royal Family.

Do you offer scholarships or grants?

We currently have a limited number of scholarship awards that students can apply for that cover up to a certain level of tuition only. If a student is seeking a maximum award they must submit in writing the reasons why they think they are eligible for such an award to be offered. Scholarships are based upon grades, work experience, extra-curricular activities, interviews (if applicable), and financial need. Webster in Thailand offers merit-based scholarships for students who have demonstrated excellent to outstanding academic achievement.

Is it possible to work in Thailand ?

Any foreigner carrying a Non-immigrant Student Visa in Thailand is forbidden to work by law. The university will not be held responsible for students who work outside campus. Students can apply to work at the university as a limited amount of work study is available.

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