Message from the Rector | Webster University Thailand

Message from the Rector

Ryan GuffeyAt Webster Thailand we have created a unique learning environment by bringing together students and faculty from across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to foster intellectual exchange that is diverse and wide-ranging.  Our mission to develop global citizens is evidenced in our rich multicultural atmosphere where no more than 20 percent of students come from any one country. Students don’t just learn about other cultures at Webster Thailand – they experience them firsthand each and every day.

Webster Thailand has two locations offering numerous avenues to pursue American degrees that are fully accredited in both the United States and Thailand and recognized worldwide.  Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic city, our Bangkok center is designed to help both undergraduate and graduate students hone their academic potential and maximize the opportunities available in this urban metropolis, while our larger Cha-Am campus offers undergraduate students a quieter collegiate setting ideal for introspection and reflection.   

Our small class size of usually no more than 20 students allows easy access to professors who know students by name, and are able to provide tailored assistance by recognizing each student’s individual needs and pathway to achievement. 

Webster Thailand has consistently remained a very popular choice with students who desire educational opportunities abroad.  Many consider their experience studying at Webster Thailand as a highlight of their life, and cherish those memories long after graduating and returning to their home countries.

Although just one of the several Webster University international campuses, at Webster Thailand we believe we uniquely offer the best of both worlds – big campus expertise and small campus warmth – led by over 100 years of accumulated wisdom in the dynamic setting of our 15 year-old campus.

Come join us on this exciting journey into the future.

Ryan Guffey, Ph.D
Rector, Webster University - Thailand Campus